Physical Damage to Iskandra's Elemental Exchange


I have seen this helmet in my playthru before but I dont understand how 100% physical and internal trauma damage to Iskandra’s elemental exchange works , giving the skill itself dont have any physical or trauma damage??

What is adding damage to then??



It is adding the potential for more damage if you decide to commit to some physical flat damage from any other source.

There are 2 elements to increasing damage:

  • flat damage
  • % damage multiplier of that flat

Items can give one, but not very often both - unless a weapon.

Also, I think what is confusing you is that IEE is a passive skill that is basically always active. So that bonus is basically always active (unless turned off).

Oh right , as its a buff that needs to be enabled, it just gives me 100% physical damage.

iskanda is a passive buff, which makes the modifiers also just a passive buff
so that means with that helmet it’s now granting you a 100% physical dmg bonus passive, just like if you had obtained 100% physical dmg elsewhere/on an item/devo/“other class buff”