Physical Primal Strike Vindicator Critique please

Hello, I’m trying to make a Vindicator based around mythical Korvan Worm. I’m at the theorycrafting stage
and I’m wondering if it’s possible and if it has potential to be strong. Several hurdles to overcome for me is Primal Stirikes historically poor single target output, contant nerfs to the transmuter, low base weapon damage and no increase attacked speed on the weapon.

The gear looks like a bit of a mish mash but it was the best I could come up with. Pieces of the Ultos set were chosen because they support PS in general. The Amulet was chosen to get -15% resist reduction on stormbox. The gloves are there for the aura conversion and the rest is just to get more stats in general / whatever fit.

So is this a yes, no, maybe?

Thanks for any input :slight_smile:

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It definitely could work. I don’t see a lot of problems aside of not having “Dire bear” devotion tho, so you might wanna pick that one up for more physical burst power. Energy absorb is 0%, I like to fix that with the good ol’ diamond component on the head, it also has an in-built absorb to damage so yeah pick that one up too.

And as far as I know, the “Primal Strike” skill works with cast speed to attack speed, so having concentrated wrapping is a waste and some other similar stuff probably.

Everything else seems to be in order +/-, hope my insight helped a bit. :smiley:

This is mine from earlier this year.

I’m in the process of updating it. Since the patch it’s picked up some more life and dps, but in general it’s geared more defensively. Eventually my goal is to get a working Warder and Conjurer version too.

Anyways, you’ve got some options. Are you wanting more offensive punch? In my build thread I linked to an older thread by tqFan who theory crafted some setless Wyrm builds. I never got around to testing them but it’s on my list of things to do. Those might give you some additional ideas.

Couple other thoughts:

-You might have energy problems like FlamingX21 said. Picking up Harp devotion has worked well for me. As a Vindicator you’ll be planted in the seal and taking hits most of the time, so it will trigger often.

-If you’re using Glad’s Distinction belt, that opens up Bat devotion. The vitality gets converted to physical so that might be worth a try too.

-I think you’ve got too much invested in Storm Box. It might be better to leave it at 1/1 for the conduit -%RR mod and put those points into Deadly Aim, Arcane Empowerment, Mog’s Pact or Wendigo. You’ll have to test it out and see which way works better.

Hope that helps. Good luck!


Thank you for the great suggestions!. I initially chose the belt to convert wendigo damage and have more sustain but then I realized the build has so much it needs to invest in that I decided to drop it in favor of storm box since because 1) it gets a good item skill modifier so I want to capitalize on that. 2) I’ve used the skill before and when maxed it does good single target damage while also giving options to kite. After dropping Wendigo and trying to find a better belt I found that this one actually had a bunch of decent stats good resist profile and OA for this build :smiley:.

Certainly wondering whether it’s better to go all out on PS damage and put those points into Mog’s pact arcance empowerment ect.

Regarding the energy issues: Easily corrected with a diamond. Thanks for pointing it out. I thought since this build has scales of Ulcama energy issues would be non existant. If they are an issue I’ll go with a diamond. Just not a fan of the new nerfed into the stone age 8/68 uptime for the proc.

Dire bear could be worked in by droping crab and sailors guide quite easily. The question is it worth it? Best case scenario, things like ravager have about 3000 armor. If I shave away 1/3rd of that, that’s an extra 1000 dmg per hit while end game builds will doing several hundred K DPS. Trash will melt instantly anyway from PS. The proc is nice Ihealing I suppose… But that’s a lot of points to invest and not much else going for that devotion. It feels underwhelming but to be fair I have never used it and I know it did get buffed somewhere along the way.

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So I tested this. Dire bear is broke AF. It’s completely OP. I bound it to Stormbox and it literally procced 3-4 times a second. GG. It triggers with tether as well so best results when clicking on something with a lot of hp far away. Primal strike isn’t even needed just stand in the seal and dire bear killed things faster before I could be bothered to left click them.

I take back what I said about dire bear in the previous post the sustain on that is bonkers

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just keep in mind Dire Bear heal proc doesn’t stack on same target
so stormbox might be a great proccer, and super useful in packs/quickly on the move, but it’s not gonna make Dear Bear heal explode on boss fights by “triggering constantly”