Physical runes build

No fancy name, no leveling advice, not really anything fancy and it’s technically my first official build…

items are without pre and suffixes so some good ones there to add … whatever is needed. Also badge of mastery +5 rune of haggarad Bis

then… augments for resistances basically.

Dual “runetraps” converted to physical with a lot of focus on the now internal trauma.

Don’t roast me too hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a good concept.
I went another route with devotions (making more use of Beronath) and more defensive setup with focus on soldier tree. Also, I only use one rune
It beats all content, even made my first ultimate mog kill…


Looks good. I was thinking the physical runes would work great with a ranged FS gunslinger and that was one of the next builds on my list to try. I loved my two-handed FS Sorcerer from the early beta days and have been wanting to remake one again. I think Inquisitor would work great with relying more on the Inquisitor tree for damage and the Demo tree for debuffs.

Builds in this game are starting to look like my Steam library. The backlog is out of hand with nowhere near enough time to try them all.

I would skip rune of kalastor and put those points into soldier mastery, you may be able to get menhirs bulwark which helps a ton vs a certain overpowered nemesis. Not having either mastery at 50 makes me a bit nervous.

So many ideas, so little time :cool: