Picked Kymons, avoiding Death's Vigil

Now I’m avoiding all the Death Vigil’s npcs, because they’re still fighting the threats in Cairn so they’re basically still good guys and I don’t want to make my reputation any worse with them by accidentally killing them, even though I DO NOT INTEND TO kill them!

So is there a way to just get them to “neutral” standing somehow so I can’t interact with them in either beneficial nor killing way? The game design is making me behave silly here, going against in-character lore, which annoys me.

the only way to get them both neutral/friendly is to side with neither of them and don’t do the quest, or if you like them so much, why not side with them ?

If you sided with Kymon’s Chosen, you will be forced to kill them as 2 quest involve killing an Order boss

I’ve actually never tested this but it might be possible to stay neutral with them if you pick neither side on ultimate.

Basically you choose one side for normal, the other side for elite and pick neither side for ultimate. Since it’s possible to gain reputation for both factions by killing Ch’thonians/Aetherials, and since you can simply go back to normal/elite to buy stuff from either faction vendor, then as long as you have the strongest reputation scroll active for both factions…
There’s a lot of “ifs” there, though.

I’ve always picked Death’s Vigil myself, Kymon’s Chosen doesn’t seem to lack for fanatics anyway and Death’s Vigil gives me the best rewards for the builds I play.

As for which side is good or evil, both sides have good/bad people. Even the necromancers have sadistic members who only seem interested in furthering their own power.

Even if you don’t pick a side in Ultimate, you will still be hostile with them since you choose the opposite faction in elite and your rep is negative with them

At least the Order doesn’t serve a false god !

What is the downside to picking one faction? Just limiting access to the other’s supplies?

and potentially exposing yourself to some irritating death remarks:rolleyes:

Yeah, that’s it.
If you want good from both, then ally with one side on normal, max out reputation, then buy 100-200x of each augment they provide (or more), and change side on cruel.