Pickup command

I don’t know if many people know it (probably not), but there’s a Pickup command in the hotkeys, which isn’t bound to anything by default. It was introduced along with controller support, and orders to pick up closest item if there’s any in certain small area around your character.

I found it pretty useful when playing with Keyboard and Mouse as well, because it’s easier to press a keyboard button a few times than clicking on every single item, especially if it’s a component or junk for sale anyway. It was somewhat weird at first, but now I use it all the time.

Holy crap, how did I not know about this? Thanks for pointing it out, cause for some reason I have such a hard time clicking on things to pick them up. Like, my character runs to it and then stops, I click on it again, it takes two steps, etc. This made my day!

Thanks again :smiley:

Extra info: the pickup key is slower if you hold a 2-handed weapon.

Picking up Aether crystals in environmental damage is so much quicker and safer with the pickup key :D, I use it far more than clicking with the mouse to pickup.

Woaw how did I miss this. This is really handy.

Thnx for the tip.

Y’know, just in case anybody needed more proof that despite the recent buffs, Crate still hates 2-handed weapons. :rolleyes:

I use the pickup key all the time, the only time I ever really bother with the mouse anymore is if I only want to pick up one specific item in the middle of a huge pile, which…isn’t very often.

I had no idea! I never bothered to look through the available key bindings. Will test this out tonight!

Ohh wow! You just made my day shine brighter :smiley: Thank You!

Holy hotkey batman!


I don’t use it. I mouse over every yellow item to check its stats and pick up every green and above. The pickup key is fast, but indiscriminate unless you change your filter, but I’m not a fan of that. I like to filter every item then use Alt to show all non-white items.

I use it all the time but the pick up animation is driving me mad. I honestly don’t understand what purpose it serves. Especially with 2h weapons it takes way too long. Qol updates like this never hurt anyone.

Off-topic. I think smithing menu also requires some kind of upgrade. There are tons of smithing options esp. in components now and they are not sorted other than alphabetically. I’d really like them to be sorted so that you can actually see all the components that fit certain type of equipment, 1h weapons for example, etc.

You can always set your filter to greens and pick up everything for money, and press the key after hero/boss fights to get good yellows. No need to read everything, grab the resistant/impervious/aggressive of vitality/alactrity/celerity/haste/attack.

Add me to the list of folks who learned of this by reading this thread. Thanks for the info.