[Pierce Caster] Pierce based Phantasmal Blades Infiltrator

FEEDBACK THREAD FOR THE UNSEEING GAZE SET - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67347


Concept Extension to Shadow Strike (No GT Link is intentional)

Both pics were taken quite a while a good so I assume they both only have Deadly Aim active and nothing else and have SS on LMB

SS Setup is using Faction shoulders cause I lack MI (shocking I know)

Credits to forum member JOV for Original Concept using Unseeing Gaze Set and Rune of Hagaard. I am not the best when it comes down to using Runes so I decided to use Phantasmal Blades Nuke instead of full on Rune Focus
And to SuperFluff for Pierce mechanics and raw data on infiltrators

Guide will be left like this for a short while till I post other guides
Thank you



SHOTGUNS EVERYWHERE! And an epic set. We need more of these builds.

I see you’re finally done vomiting aether trash. You have narrowly avoided receiving the nickname “BARF”.

I am now looking at different epic sets. :smiley:
Btw, I’d totally post my Aether Lightning Caster but even with the recent buffs the skill feels weak but the build itself works cause of Devastation :rolleyes:

I’ll go easy on you Demi-God cause you referred to the aetherials as “trash”.

Forgotten de way?

I like the idea of a pierce caster a lot.

Do you have an alternative devotion setup or managed to test other setups? I’d love to see Assassin somehow being in this devotion setup.

-Other setups, I have been working on a Gildor’s Grenadier since expac was out and wanted to post that but delayed it to test this concept. Since it’s out I’ll post Gildor setup

-Devotions-wise, I’d say TD is much better than Unknown Soldier cause of 2x PB nuke. As for Assassin, I never tested any setup with it mainly cause I’ve never been a fan of the proc. Blades of Wrath is good but when I compare it with Blizzard, Falcon Swoop, Flame Torrent I personally prefer those over Blades of Wrath

Pierce grenado build? The one before you tried that too! Still haven’t cleaned stains on the walls.

[Spoiler2]Ma ebola is not allowed in dis land :frowning:

Actually, I just ran out of quotes. Gotta keep things fresh :cool:[/spoiler]

Good to see you post this. Some of your setup is similar to the one I used for the concept except I tried to fit Biting Blades and Blade Spirit in and went with a completely different devotion route (took Inspiration because of energy problems :p):


Unfortunately, Biting Blades, even with Acid to Pierce conversion and all the flat Pierce damage I can stack does next to no damage and is hard to work with in tight areas so I haven’t touched the character in quite some time.

Edit: Looking back at the setup I designed, only now do I notice I could pick up Death Sentence as well if I reduced overcap on Aura of Conviction, Arcane Empowerment and Nether Edge :rolleyes: Don’t know why I didn’t do that before.

Yeah I was told you exploded. Even with all those bourbon clones they couldn’t get all the bits and pieces of your Demi-God corpse :slight_smile:

If you want another meme then the people of Hawaii got trolled pretty awesomely recently.
Or you know you could just “Protect your Sphaget”

Biting Blades build is something I’d kill for. Although what I had in mind was a 2h Epic Ranged Weapon with 50% Pierce to Acid Conversion (can’t remember the name)

Let me know how it goes. I am interested in seeing Blind Assassin on more pierce builds

Weird. I thought the line was “I still haven’t found all her pieces”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that some kind of reference or is it just plain ol’ dark humor?