Pierce Damage... What does it actually do/ mean?

Hey guys,

Very simple question… does Pierce Damage mean damage that ignore’s enemy armour?


Yes, all damage ignore armor except Physical damage.

Also something to remember: physical damage is a type of damage and nothing else. It doesn’t mean you have to inflict it with a weapon like we can see in other games. There are literally spells dealing physical damage.

Pierce damage is just another damage type. It’s part of the ‘physical’ group (despite having nothing to do with physical damage), meaning it’s modified by Cunning. Beyond that it’s treated like every other damage type (except physical).

The only unique thing about Pierce is that it has no damage over time counterpart (like fire > burn, cold > frostburn, etc). Similarly Bleed damage is always damage over time and has no flat component. They are not related to each other though.