Pierce forcewave?

Has anyone tried a 2h sword pierce-based build with the recent forcewave changes?

Could work, but good luck finding a sinister sword with cast speed on it…

And even if you do, you still wont be able to achieve 100% conversion into pierce, cause 2-h swords have sucky 22-25% base armour piercing, and even with Blades of Nadaan (+100% AP), Sinister prefix (+70% AP) and Blessed Whetstone (+50% AP), you still get 82.5% conversion only.
Also, internal Trauma damage wont be converted. And i doubt, if flat physical damage, added by Forcewave, will.

80% isn’t bad. If you can stack more pierce damage ontop of it through Forcewave’s decent weapon damage, it should work great, nevermind that the last major update also replaced the armour reduction on Rending Force with pierce damage making pierce more preferential than before.

And i doubt, if flat physical damage, added by Forcewave, will.

It will, there’s a post on the forums somewhere of Zantai himself confirming that skills with a weapon damage component will allow armour piercing on weapons to convert physical on skills to pierce.

Edit: Found it.

Sinister can roll a lot higher than that so you can get fairly close, but still sucks it’s not 100%

I’ve done pierce, cold, and acid forcewave. None of them were good even with dope items and pierce was by far the worst. The added flat pierce is a nice change for pierce wave, but it’ll 100% still suck unless it’s a tonnnn of flat pierce. You need some nice green gear to really make the build ‘shine’ too

Edit: can confirm the phys gets converted

I’ve posted this several times but i’m hoping for a legendary 2H sword with 50% base armor piercing and focusing on pierce in the expansion.

Because to be honest i’m surprised it doesn’t exist yet since it’s usually the most basic 2H sword in these types of games. Then again, there’s only three 2H legendary swords and they focus on poison/acid, aether/elemental and cold.

i second this :wink: and with +1 Soldier/Nightblade/Shaman skills while we’re at it :smiley:

Or add MI 2-h sword with decent %armour piercing (40%, for example). After all, if we have Dermapteran Slicers, why cant we have the same for 2-h?