[Pierce Shield] Sword and Board Pierce based Blademaster

Haha sorry for asking so many questions but I really appreciate the response Cthon…How does this build compare to S and B commando in terms of tankiness and dps? Obvi one is pierce and one is physical but seems like both builds are similar

Hey Chthon, nice write up. You pump out builds way too quickly dude.

I’ve actually got my own S&B Blademaster but it’s built quite differently to yours, so just thought I’d offer another perspective. I run full Markovian’s with Reaver’s Claw, a very defensive mastery spread but use the standard DW blademaster devotion spread. The build is geared with defense favoured over offense for crucible, so I can confirm Gladiator crucible (or any other content) is absolutely no issue for my build and I imagine yours wouldn’t struggle either.

Couple quick considerations for you - Oleron’s Wrath for the relic. Can’t imagine you missed it so interested in your thoughts for taking Menhir’s instead. The other one is Blades of Wrath attached to Blade Spirit - might be point heavy for you since you’re only 40 Mastery in NB but I’ve always found the combo to be extremely efficient for a 1 point skill investment and particularly effective as each Blade Spirit can proc its own Blades of Wrath. You can often get 3 Blade Spirits out at once with the proc on Markovian’s visor. Curious about your shield choice too - I’m guessing you’re covering resists with it, but is it possible to make up the differences elsewhere and use something like Siegebreaker?

Anyway, well done on the build. It’s a fantastic playstyle and I love it as well, definitely more than viable. Keep smashing builds out.

This is my take so far with this build.

I am level 18 currently. I am using maxed Night’s Chill for debilitating trash mobs and combining it with Ring of Steel (4 points). Doing fine so far. I have been investing in Cadence too. I have it almost maxed out.

I intend to go the defense route so I am aiming at Menhir’s Bulwark instead of Oleron’s Rage.

I am also putting some points into physique because I have almost be shotgunned a few times. :eek:

-Pierce is more resisted than Physical
-I know i am in the minority when i say this but if anything involves Demolitionist or Arcanist as one of the classes then when built correctly it’s defenses are almost unbeatable
Tankiness/DPS of this build is you can faceroll vanilla and go as far as wave 109-110(?) before your PC crashes :mad:
-Builds feel similar because Pierce as a Damage Type is the little brother of Physical

-Glad to hear Crucible feedback

-I mentioned Oleron down below that it is an option
Why don’t I use it? Well, i guess i just wanted to try out Bastion, it doesn’t really get a lot of love

-Blades of Wrath/Spirit combo is useless against Rashalga, sure it helps with AoE but after multiple Valbury runs i realized AoE isn’t lacking
It helps vs. other bosses, but i consider Rashalga as the Ultimate challenge for melee builds

-Markovian’s Visor proc, didn’t it get nerfed?

-Vanguard’s reason has been mentioned as well.
I chose Vanguard cause it is pretty underrated here. Siegebreaker seems to be very popular and everyone picks it. So i went with Vanguard

Basically i just made non-conventional gear/skill/devotion choices

Leveling is PITA

Try going ranged and keep physique investment to minimum

Is it that important to have 100% of your damage converted to pierce? Especially for crucible

I am a purist (i guess :undecided:)

If i go dual damage then i will try my best to achieve good performance with both damage types

If i go single damage then i will try my best to maximize conversion to said damage type

Impressive tooltip DPS with those devotions and that relic, looks like a nice build.
As a suggestion I’d drop PB to 10/12 and take 3 points from Veil of Shadow, and put them in Shadow Dance instead.
The above would net you the same amount of -OA / +DA, you lose some slow (which probably doesn’t work well vs. bosses anyway) but you gain 6% dodge for both types, which is pretty significant.

And as a personal preference I’d just lower Veil to 1 base point and overcap Field Command instead, but that’s just me.
I’d definitely put a base point in the Soldier WPS too, with the +5 skills it’s a nice boost.

As for Crucible, beyond base necessities and some luck, I think it’s mostly a player skill and experience thing to perform well there.
But with those stats you could definitely complete it, it might be a bit slow though due to less AoE than conventional BM builds (relic, weapon proc, devos, WPS, etc.)

Yeah i wanted to try a non-convetional BM mainly cause everyone was picking them
True player skill is most important, people generally never consider that. Timing your heals, positioning yourself correctly, knowing when to GTFO
It’s like EoR Clone fight, it’s as hard as you make it to be

Little note for you guys

I tried Reaver’s Claw

It seems i loose a bunch of DPS due to loosing conversion and Piercing aura

My point is, it’d better to hunt for a Derm Slicer. Even though Reaver’s claw works as an intermediate weapon. But new players should make it a point to hunt for the Slicer

A perfect one like Heart-Piercing of Voracity isn’t necessary. Even basic rolls such as Puncturing or some relatively rarer rolls such as Sinister would suffice

The main reason Slicer works so well is because of the Armor Piercing value on it. So it still remains the central item here
Rest of the gear is flexible imo

So there is no guide on where to put the points or anything or when to get which devotions? Also is this still your go to beginner build?

-There is a section called Stat Distribution :eek:
-Devotion route isn’t fixed, you need to invest into things depending on your situation
If you’re dying too much then get Dryad/Turtle. But if you’re lacking damage then get Falcon Swoop. This thing isn’t fixed so no point in adding it imo.
-It’s one of the few beginner friendly builds i’ve posted and played. Even in end game i had a lot of freedom with gear

-There is a section called Stat Distribution :eek:
-Devotion route isn’t fixed, you need to invest into things depending on your situation
If you’re dying too much then get Dryad/Turtle. But if you’re lacking damage then get Falcon Swoop. This thing isn’t fixed so no point in adding it imo.
-It’s one of the few beginner friendly builds i’ve posted and played. Even in end game i had a lot of freedom with gear

But i added some more tips for new players

Thank you very much! Its good to see some one care about their builds and helping people as much as you.

Thank you :D:D

I got lucky with a few of my chars during leveling and somehow ended up with a full set of Epic Guardsmen 5 piece. They are only level 22 items but somehow it got me through to Level 45 Veteran at the moment. Will swap with better items when I got to 50.

Been quite fun playing this. Other builds around cadence put me off most of the time :undecided:

The only thing I’m concerned about atm is the Derp slicer… In Grim Dawn I have been having a lot of frustration getting the MI item with the prefix and suffix I want. I can foresee this being a royal pain in the butt for me once again :rolleyes:

See Derm Slicer is picked for it’s Piercing value. Just make sure you don’t get a weapon that converts Physical damage to something

Officer’s, Sinister, Tyrant’s, Plaguebearer’s, Heart Piercing, Puncturing anything works as long as it doesn’t convert your physical damage to some shit cause that’d be a major DPS loss

Hey there,

first of all thank you for a newbier guide :slight_smile:

But as iam fairly new to the game i’d like to ask what components are used in the weapon and the shield? As i cant identify them by the picture :smiley: . And i guess one can use them while leveling ? as one would be with Mark of Dreeg?

Thx in advance, iam looking forward to that build. Sword’n board is exactly my style :wink:

I am running this build now. Currently level 39 on veteran. Middle of act 3. So far this is the best build I have played for my style. Is there any reason I should be on veteran or can I just set It to normal and roll my way across? I picked up a vampire-derma-slicer and it seems to be doing a pretty good job so far. I could just run that hive a few times but I know things change as I get to the new tier of difficulty and I’ll end up with another slicer then. Thank you for the build.

I am pretty sure of this list but if I missed one, please feel free to correct me as I am not the build maker and am just going off the images.

slicer-vicious spikes
rings-corpse dust
helm-leathery hide
amulet/medal-dread skull
shield-mark of the myrmidon
shoulders-mutated scales
chest-kilrian’s shattered soul
gloves-consecrated wrappings
legs-scaled hide
waist-dense fur
boots-mark of mogdrogen