Piercing build

Hi im going to start a character (nightblade) mainly focus on piercing (assassin etc…).

But i know undead are highly resistant on piercing ( no flesh i suppose), does this kind of build worth it and is it still strong on very high levels.

Thanx in advances for you answers.

Piercing is a tricky damage type because of the mechanics behind it. Armor piercing converts physical damage into pierce damage at the given ratio for a weapon. However, it’s very difficult to increase that ratio with one major exception, the blades of nadaan constellation. It will double the armor piercing of your weapons if you have a sword equipped.

As for viability at late game, it is viable but it is also harder to come by RR for piercing than many other damage types. You can use acid splash from the manticore constellation and night’s chill from the nightblade tree which comes out to 50-60% reduction, which is not bad but not exceptional compared to the much higher values you can get for other types.

The real trick is in getting the piercing damage itself to start with given that many weapons have a 25% or lower piercing ratio. Even doubled, you’re still losing half your damage to basic physical.

Thanx for the answer mate. Yes i was thinking i needed a second source fo damages (maybe by taking arcanist and boosting iksandra’s synergies and taking star pacts) or surboosting cold .

I used manticore splash but is ont that effective , the reduce is pretty weak .I saw a guy here demonstrating that it wasn’t that much.

Sad chaos flat damages aren’t very high .The irony is the next expansion should heaviliy boost chaos damages because i saw uber swords with great chaos damages and amulets too .

I have too think about all the possibilities , i have an headache.

Acid/pierce is an option, chaos/pierce I suppose you could do but it would be better as just all chaos. Cold/Pierce definitely has the best item support in the current version of the game but who knows what the expansion will bring. The possibilities are limitless.

Two things I didn’t mention. Dermapteran Slicer has a 50% piercing ratio which can be doubled to get full conversion, and the Valdun’s set has a piercing boost to the already very high base pierce value of 50% but is still short of full conversion since you can’t use blades of nadaan with a rifle.

For the Deathmarked Shadow Strike format you can try this one http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=49710

or this for DW cadence auto attack


Thanx mate but i find basics slicer damages not high enough, but again thanx for the reply.

Thanx mate.