piercing damage mechanics

Let’s say i have a gun that says

10-74 Physical Damage
15% Armor piercing

I’m assuming that means 15% of the 10-74 does piercing damage.

Therefore if i get skills or devotions that increase piercing damage% or flat pierce increase, those increase that 15% number’s value to something greater?

2nd question:

If so, when i use that gun with a skill that does physical damage (like cadence), does that piercing damage from the above apply to cadence damage?

Basically i’m wondering if a cadence based ranged build benefits at all from +piercing modifiers from devotions

as far as I’m aware, pretty much yes!

say you had a weapon that did 100 physical damage with 15% armor piercing, then you would do 85 physical damage with it at 15 piercing damage

any % modifiers would be applied to these values so your %physical damage & %piercing damage on page 2 of the character sheet would be applied to these values.

Skills that do a %weapon damage are also affected by this conversion so the 115% weapon damage from lvl 1 Cadence will be affected by this!