Pink Glazed Donut

I have probably seen about 98% of items in the game (haven’t completed all sets yet), but I never came across the Pink Glazed Donut.

I’m looking at that donut every day (the image is my desktop wallpaper) and I really want it! Dayum, it looks so tasty and powerful!

It was in pre-alpha. But had to be removed due to being too powerful. Some say it can still be found south-west of Devil’s Crossing.

There is an invincible enemy who drops the Pink Glazed Donut in Old Grove which is inaccessible because of it’s great power + a broken bridge in DC.

Hm I’ve noticed that broken bridge, it leads to Old Grove you say? I heard some legends about that place and I often took a peek across the bridge but never actually tried getting there. It’s time. Pink Glazed Donut, here I come! I guess I just have to convince that invincible guy to hand it over peacefully.

edit: So I’ve been to Old Grove. Found several guys who meet the description, but none of them reacted to my offer (i got tons of scrap), they didn’t even react to my insults.
I thought maybe there’s another guy elsewhere so I went further down the road but then I died for some reason. Guess they don’t want me to ever become the owner of the legendary Pink Glazed Donut. But I swear to the Witch Gods, the day will come!