Plaguebearers Affix Question

Fairly new to the game, have played through Ultimate AOM with a Death Knight and a Cabalist now, and recently discovered the magic that is RR and how to use it.

I spent some time crafting Master’s Spellblade until I got the Plaguebearer’s affix on it per DaShiv’s guide.

The RR works great, and am shredding enemies that used to take quite a while to beat with my cabalist, using Bone Harvest with 1 point in Dread to extend the range.

I am now looking for a better ranged method of applying the RR debuff from the Master’s Spellblade. Is there a way that one could tie something to Curse of Frailty or Ravenous Earth to make this happen? I went through all the skills on the target dummy and the only way I could get the RR debuff to apply was either through Bone Harvest or running up and actually hitting the dummy.


That’s because Plaguebearer debuff can only be applied with skills that have weapon damage. Curse of Fraility and Ravenous Earth have no weapon damage, so they can’t apply it.

This is true for any RR that is alone in an item or devotion. Like Viper devotion elemental RR and Mindwarp RR.

Bigger question is, why does your cabalist need to rely on the ~15-20 reduced resistance of Plaguebearers to be able to shred enemies :mad:?

So with this is mind, there’s really no other skills in Necro tree that I’m seeing that would perform that role. I’m not missing any way to augment/add components that would add weapon damage to those skills, right?

Reaching out because I came to the conclusion about the weapon damage component of the skills on my own, but wasn’t sure if that would be a hard limitation. Thanks in advance.

Self found gear, first character, and still limited a bit in options. Its coming along nicely however so overall I’m pretty pleased with the results. Down to about 9 minute clears of steps of torment and gear is starting to stack up.

“Need to rely on” might be a strong choice of words, but the -30 RR certainly speeds up clearing considerably.

Only Necrotic Edge, Reaping Strike, Bone Harvest and Reap Spirit in the Necromancer mastery can apply standalone RR because they have weapon damage.

The skill also needs to have 100% weapon damage to be able to apply the full RR. Lower than 100% weapon damage means lower RR.

But maximum RR on a Plaguebearer is 20 no? Or I’m missing your point.
What I was trying to say is you can easily get -83% vitality resistance from skills and devotion alone, not counting the 15% reduced resistance from argument, so I think it’s weird that the extra RR from plaguebearer could speed up your cleartime that much.
I was assuming that you focused on vitality of course.

Perfect, not the answer I wanted but the confirmation that I needed. I had forgotten about the scaling down based on weapon damage as well, thank you for the reminder.

Occultist looks a little bleak as well so I will continue to use Bone Harvest - much appreciated for the help.