Plains of Strife - How to get past mines easily ;3

Hey guys,

I found out recently walking through the Plains of Strife that if you cast Storm Totem or Wendigo Totem over top of the mines, they explode immidiately without having the risk of walking over 'em yourself :wink:

Currently not sure if any other spells or abilities do this but it seems anything that goes on top of the mines will trigger them.

Or you get decent fire resist and just mindlessly waltz over them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear the first time i went through Plains of Strike i thought i was being bombarded by cannons. It took me a while to notice the mines.

Same here. At least the game doesn´t cheat us here, monsters will take damage from the mines also. :cool:

Same here, i thought it was the possessed arcanist doing the damage before noticing the mines