Planning future improvements in performance?

I really need to ask it… I really dont know exactly how many hours i’ve played Grim Dawn until now, but i think its more than 2000h. The game performance was terrible in the beggining, a lot of colision problems, skills bugs, unbalanced classes, but in the last 6 months the game imoroved a lot! Since the alpha i was playing with 2 pcs:

AMD Fx 8120, 8Gb DDR3 1600Mhz, GTX 680 4Gb


Intel i7 4930k, 32Gb DDR3 2400Mhz and the same GTX 680

Since the alpha i was experiencing HUGE FPS drops in certain areas and when a lot of mobs was affected by AoE skills or auras. But i was thinking it was ok, with my GTX 680 i was playing with stable 70FPS with all “maximum” settings and AA, only in these cases my fps was droping to nearly 30.
But in June my GTX 680 burnt in a rainstorm and i upgraded after a few months to a GTX 1080 FTW.
I run the game so much better now, obviously, more than 100 FPS almost all the time, but this HUGE fps drops keeps occurring.
Even with my new pc its almost impossible to play with 4 players because of graphic lags. One day i’ve tested how far this lag would affect my pc, we tried to play Crucible with 4 players and i was using a Druid primal strike focused on lightning procs. My FPS was lower than 30 ALL THE TIME and i died a lot because of this lag…
So, WTF is going on with the game engine that not even a GTX 1080 can handle it?
Check out the servers, everyone is playing in 2 people together or maximum at 3. Nobody plays in 4 people because it ruin the gameplay with the graphics lag.
Im one of the Admins of the Brazilian Grim Dawn page on Facebook, since the alpha me and the others are trying to make people play together but nobody do it, people are allways “dodging” it because their PCs cant handle multiplayer games!
So im begging, make some improvements in the game for god! The game is raising a lot of fans and the community is growing but this problem with “unplayable multiplayer” will ruin the game in the future! Fix it as soon as possible!

If you haven’t already, try setting lighting to low. It makes performance much more consistent.

Ok, lowering graphics helps, but why we can’t have a smooth AND a pretty gameplay at same time, with a good PC?

This really is important, the game development team term that improve this.

Doc Holliday

Keep in mind that GD is built on top of an old engine which has probably been (ab)used to its limits. Keep in mind too that Crate is a small developer team which means it may not have enough manpower, resources to build an engine from scratch (or license a third-party one for that matter).
Lastly, keep in mind that I am having terrible performance issues since patch. Maybe the upcoming patch will make things fare better (fingers crossed).

My computer has the following settings:
Intel core i7, win 10 x 64 bit, 8GB DDR3, GTX 960 4GB … and if I play in a full pt, without being in the dlc, it gets horrible because of the graphic lag and the fall of the fps.
It would be interesting for Devs to pay attention to this problem, and improve game optimization