Play with friends although not everybody has the expansion(s)

If some of you only have the base game, then the others can disable the expansion(s) via the launch options. Likewise if everybody has Ashes of Malmouth, but only some Forgotten Gods.

Steam users

  • To only play with the base game, add /nogdx1 to your launch options
  • Or /nogdx2, if you want to play only with the first expansion
  • Separate multiple options with a space

GOG users

  • In GOG Galaxy go to Grim Dawn > More > Settings > Add command line arguments and enter / select the required launch option(s)
  • Or add them to your Desktop Shortcut, if you are not using GOG Galaxy - add the launch option(s) to the field Target, at the end behind the quotation mark

Switching back and forth

You will not be able to use any char, you played with with one of the disabled expansions. You might see old saves, if you started those chars when only playing with the base game. These are backups and you can play them, if you do not want to create dedicated chars for these sessions.

Remove the launch options, when you want to play with all of your expansions. You will see your dedicated multiplayer chars and be able to play with them, but be careful:

  • If you only disabled Forgotten Gods and later load a dedicated Ashes-of-Malmouth char into Forgotten Gods, then you can only use this char in Forgotten Gods from that point.
  • For base game saves Grim Dawn creates the above mentioned backups, when you load them with any of the expansions for the first time. You can keep playing with the backup when disabling all expansions, but progress with the expansions will obviously not be carried over to your base game save.

It’s worth pointing out here that the character is safe if you are only in the FG menu. If you load it fully into the game world, tho, with FG active then you have just lost any chance of going back to AoM with it.