Player Health Bar Please

Thank you so much for the recent additions, Crate!

However, one thing I am missing is a health and resource bar floating above my player…

Please consider adding this as an option, I would be very happy!


We are adding this as an option in V1.1.4.1.


First, the new health bars are a great addition! FANTASTIC JOB!

However, I am greedy and want MOAR! On the next pass for updates, or if it can be squeezed in, would it be possible to give us options for the health bars? Some way to change size and/or color for them based on monster class? Perhaps a couple of sliders for size and color.

For example, when I used GI, my elite monsters had a thicker HP bar and it was a purple color instead of red. It made it much easier for me to focus on that monster in the midst of the piles of mobs around me.


Well, i’m pretty open if it’s optional “settings” which gives you more direct control over it, but i really hope they force such changes you suggest up to everyone, because unlike GD i really love and use the Healthbars. I had like only for my Character and Elite-Monsters toggled, but for the rest? Nope, due two things which bothered me with GI in such aspects that it felt bloated and alien to me. This green Healthbars sticked out to much and didn’t fit really the game(and yes i know, it’s customizable, but that itself doesn’t really help, because it’s hard to capture the style of the vision of others, that’s why such hud mods and addons[think of World of Warcraft] feels often out of place and doesn’t fit the overall HUD Design or topic of the Game, official added stuff is often based on the vision of the devs and the game and know how to design it), plus this always healtbars shown for normal Trashmobs feels absolutely bloated that sometimes i’m not even was able to see much of the Game itself, except green (out of place) bars all over the screen.

And that’s differently with you have the red bars which doesn’t feel “alien” or an “foreign body” but rather fits the overall design of the game and hud, and blend pretty good together. Due Healthbars only show up, once an enemy is hitted / damaged, stops it from looking bloated, and with the new way to mark Elite Monsters with an more (detailed) symbols, on top of the head like normally but on the side of the bars once you damage them let that bars still stick out from the whole group of enemies. So if we are talking only about “optional” sliders and such, i’m pretty open to that but otherwise this suggestion would get an -1 from me.

Merged threads since there’s no point in having two on the same subject.

Except they are not about the same subject. The OP wants a player health bar, and I want to modify the existing health bars.

Yes, they are both regarding health bars, but the two topics are absolutely not about the same thing.