Player model skin

Hey everyone! I have a modding problem that I can’t solve myself. I’m trying to replace the player “actor” model with another .msh. But for some reason, no matter what I put in the texture fields (tried them all), I’m getting the new .msh with standart player skin instead of the one I want. Also tried to make the floating head invisible and add an armor with the mesh I need, but the head still shows up in the character window. Can somebody help me with this?

The reason for this behaviour is that the mesh in the player dbr file is not the actual player body but only the head. So no matter what you put there, it will always apply to the player’s head only.

If you want to change this, you need to find out the path to the default body mesh, open the mesh file in some text editor and find the texture reference inside. Then rebuild this exact texture path in your mod’s resources and put your version there, so that the original texture will be overwritten. This should apply the changes you’re trying to do.

The same applies to the player’s mesh: You need to find the path of the body mesh and replace the mesh with your own one.

Thanks for the quick answer!
I tried adding the same folder path into my mod, but it doesn’t seem to work. The .msh head says “Creatures/pc/hero02.tex”, this doesn’t work for some reason. Also tried “resources/Creatures/pc/hero02.tex” and nothing =/

Why are you looking at the head mesh, you were supposed to find the body mesh…

Both the body and head have the same texture path in their mesh. The thing is, that the player mesh in the actor field is hero_00.msh (the head). Other body parts, like torso, legs etc are just default armor pieces, that show up when there’s no armor equiped, those can be retextured easily just by changing the corresponding dbrs. The only thing that keeps its original texture no matter what is the floating head.

Because the game overrides it I guess. There certainly is a texture stored in the savefile of female chars, which makes sense as females are not usually having a beard :wink: