Please add a -Chaos Res mod to CoF on Visage of the Black Flame...

…and perhaps remove the -res mod to WoP to avoid giving Deceivers an additional boost (keeping the WoP damage conversion, for what it’s worth).

I’m aware that this is already one of the most common skill modifiers, more so with Forgotten Gods… but there is good reason for that. Warlock and AAR are not among the most popular or powerful of skills and class combos, to put it mildly, so it would be a small but welcome boost.

But the main reason for my humble request is because the existing mod to WoP, a skill which can already reduce Chaos res by a handsome amount, and on a set originally designed for Warlocks, seems almost cruel!

I should also note that Black Flame Deceivers have a nice FoI mod and +skills on Voidsteel Gauntlets, whilst chaos AAR doesn’t have anything special in that slot.

I remember when they said that CoF is getting chaos RR, meanwhile we only got one modifier (I am not counting the Clairvoyant one because it converts almost 50% chaos to aether). Occultist being the only class with chaos damage as a main damage type doesn’t even have chaos RR, sigh…

I actually kinda feel lied to, because of the “occultist is getting chaos RR” statement. Warlocks will still suck.

Seconded. I always found it odd that it had a chaos rr skill mod for WoP on what should be a primarily a warlock set while having no chaos rr mod for CoF.
Even without this skill mod the set already weights more to either Mage hunter or Decievers due its access to initiate chaos rr and how good Inq Seal works with channeling spells.

When i picked up the game, and looks at the occultist i really like it, later i’ve found out it has no chaos rr despite being the iconic chaos dmg user, makes no sense…

Nope, if Occultist get a chaos RR, then Warlock would be quite good. CT warlock, ofc, not AAR, kek.

Yes, adding chaos RR to CoT would break many things due the number of items that are designed with occultist having no chaos RR in mind.

Adding chaos RR to the blackflame set via a CoT skill mod (one could even add to the 3 or 4th set option to further restrict it) is on the other hand is well deserved. If the Rah’Zin’s Torment set can have a CoT skill mod that adds chaos RR I see no reason why blackflame cannot get one too.

I also think there should be like -20 chaos RR to CoF when you complete the whole set.

It’s a rather obvious fact that someone at Crate simply does not want to allow an Occultist dominated chaos caster. Which is rather puzling, given the theme of the Occultist mastery.

I think that with this mod existing on darkblaze and soon rahzin someone at Crate thinks that’s enough, you want sets to retain a bit of uniqueness.

I say Warlock in situations like this. We could have 63% RR on them, now we can have a whooping… 78… What…

My AAR damage increased by 8%, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!.. Oh…

At present a black flame warlock can reach a max of -103 chaos res, with Solael’s flame component, offhand proc, Voidheart ring proc, Solael devotion proc, and Manticore proc. It’s not completely awful, and I’m also led to believe that most enemies generally have a low chaos resistance. But I’m also looking at the res reduction capabilities of a Rah’zin + Harbinger Deceiver, a build that will also have the advantage of a weapon attack and rather nice WPS that the set will convert.

I’ve no great hopes of AAR, Chaos or otherwise, being anywhere near top dog. I just think that my proposed change is a rather obvious bone to throw to the underdog.

It’s not completely awful, and I’m also led to believe that most enemies generally have a low chaos resistance.

Are they typical though? Bennie isn’t a threat to anyone, and most will only fight Reaper in crucible. I’ve read here that most mobs generally have low chaos res, but perhaps that isn’t so.

In any case, I don’t expect Black Flame Warlocks to be boosted to the highest level. It is impossible for all builds and combinations to be top tier in a game like this, and I don’t think that it’s even desirable. It’s just that, as efforts are naturally focused on making the new sets and class combos of both FG and AoM more powerful, it wouldn’t do any harm to throw a simple bone to the poor old Warlock. After all, as others have pointed out, a set originally designed for Warlocks is now more attractive to Deceivers and Mage Hunters.

With CoF mod on chaos RR Black Flame Warlock WILL be boosted to highest level . They will overtake useless overnerfed binders as CT spammers.