Please add bridges

Please add bridges to the game. All my gold and iron nodes are across a large lake, which has a peninsula that extends to within a few feet of my town center. The water separating the town center from that peninsula is too deep for the villages to walk across, so they have to walk around the entire lake. A bridge would cut down travel time by half.

Great game with tons of potential. Thanks.


Yes that would be great. Also maps with rivers would be nice, which you have to cross first over fords and later you could build bridges


I fully support the main topic of “please add bridges” but I just want to also highlight that adding rivers to certain map seeds would be very welcome too. Even small rivers on the plains, or tiny creeks in the arid lands, would be cool to see.


I created an account to state my agreement. Give us bridges.

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The devs have already addressed this - because how they did things bridges, ferries, boats, etc are not easy. they said it might come in a DLC, but not for launch

See reply here

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This is unfortunate news indeed it seems a sorely missed feature that would of made the game twice as fun definitely a missed opportunity i had a great seed with a nice little island for my town centre but no way to connect it to the mainland so turned the game off.

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