Please add visual effect to corpses.

My english skill is not very good but i try to make it understandable as i could.

When enemies are killed. There should be some kind of visual effect indicate what killed them. For example, If they are burned to death, they corpses should be charred or when they died by poison they bodies should cover in green sticky liquid.
By adding this to the game.I think it will give the game more immersion. To make different character builds truly unique as players can see they character damage type effects the game environment.

In term technical difficulty, I have no idea what kind of shader or materials grim dawn use. but maybe just material switching upon enemies death will do the trick.

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I personally wish these dead corpses will just vanish. Nothing is more annoying than having anaesteria hide underneath piles of her dead friends while she constantly rains fiery judgement upon you as you run round in circles looking for her.

There’s a Corpse Persistence slider in the game options on the General tab. Slide it all the way to the left. Or change to suit your needs.



I don’t know if that would be nice in any way, if we speak about an ARPG. I mean, sure, for an RPG it would be very cool, but in an ARPG you just don’t care about corpses. You just kill, go further. But the actual problem would be implementation, since we don’t know if the engine can do that (they could just change the texture too, but I don’t think they will bother with editing every texture in the game just to make what you’re asking for). They could add visual effects on the corpses, like freeze has, but it would then lower the performance too, just for one little thing that doesn’t add anything into the game.

Overall, idea is not bad, but there would be too much of fucking with it, therefore it’s a bad idea.