Please examine my build

I’ve been building a Witchblade off and on for a while now and I’m closing in on 85. I’ve been building towards and would love to hear what people’s thoughts are on it. I’m missing the pants still, so I’m especially interested in thoughts on alternate options for that slot. Devotion advice would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your time and feedback.

y 4 points in solael (instead of 1) .Y using devotion with acid spray, you made no acid or poison stuff ?

Acid Spray is for the armor/resist reduction. I don’t have the energy to spam war cry and I wanted something that would debuff enemies’ physical resistance even when I was low on energy

4 points in solael was for the extra 5% attack speed. I could also put them in blindside or overguard but I went with the attack speed because I’m far from the cap. Why would I want 1 point in it instead? That seems like it would be lacking in the primary stat, attack speed, that would make it worth my time at all.

You don’t need Acid Spray as the RR does not stack with the one from Break Morale (that you should max), complete Oleron’s and Hawk instead

Putting more point in Occultist to grab Aspect of the Guardian could be nice too (the resists are worth the investment)

No need to have 2 rings of the Black Matriarch as the RR don’t stack too, get a cronley’s with resist and OA instead

Overguard should be at 12/12 and maxing Fighting form is not worthwhile (that should free up some skill points)

EDIT : I would do something like that and you may also want to check the build thread

Hum , but you are not struggling with this character ? What are exactly your expectations?

It seems you are doing well no?

Thank you both for the input, I’ve adjusted some things and come up with

I decided that I want to keep the avenger of cairn for the resistance cap increase rather than the eye of beronath for crits and +skills. What are people’s thoughts on those two amulets?

I’m still not 100% sold on my devotions but I do like this layout a lot better.

Maybe go something with like this ?

You can easily put Stratagem and Demonbone legs, i just went with MoD for extra resists else Stratagem adds impeccable damage.

My version

Getting Aspect of Guardian allows me to free up more equipment slots for much better OA and DA. You can replace bear king sigil with stratagem so you can spec out 2 points in aspect as well

Why witchfire if your not vitality damage. Blood of dreeg is also useless no acid damage set drop those 2 skills instead take orleon’s rage. Max fighting spirit, Zholann’s technique, Markovian’s advantage or just drop altogether occulist here’s JOV’s build best for the set you have or just find a diffrent set so your build will work

What about no ? :rolleyes:

  • Solael’s Witchfire is used here for the attack speed
  • Blood of Dreeg is used for the OA, the healing and the resists from Aspect of the Guardian
  • Oleron’s Rage is useless here as the build has already Menhir’s Bulwark (quite mandatory for a shield build …)
  • The game is balanced around dual-classes, a Witchblade will always be stronger than a pure soldier (especially with CoF/Blood of Dreeg…)

Maybe it’s time to learn about the game mechanics and skills before giving advice to people …

Yes that’s true it’s built around 2 classes but he should find a better set than that like Myrmidon has more damage than that even through it’s internal trauma set. That set is best for pure soldier. I know cause I built one like this and pure soldier. You have contol over your weapon inMyrmidon set and have added big damage bonus of shield from set bonus

@jmababa Thank you for the input, but while the myrmidon set is certainly a good intermediate set, it just isn’t as good as the warborn set for what I’m trying to achieve. Siegebreaker more than outshines the myrmidon shield, and I want to use the warborn gavel regardless because it is the only legendary 1hand mace with 0% piercing and 0% conversion. Blood of dreeg is exceptionally useful for healing, OA, and, if i take aspect of the guardian, resists. Even though I do no acid damage, the heal alone would make it worth my time. I really do appreciate your taking the time to weigh in but I respectfully disagree with your assessment that I would be better off without warborn or occultist. I will take a look at oleron’s rage and see how it stacks up though.

@thailehuy Why bear claw when the proc requires 2hander? Also why belgothian sigil instead of black matriarch when I’m not dealing pierce damage? Your build gave me some food for thought but I’m confused by those two choices. Also interesting that you picked owl. I assume for reduction of reflect damage?

Hello!! Someone above suggested jajaja’s thread. In the last page there’s a link to an updated version from Drizzto for which is very similar to your own. If you hadn’t already checked it, you might find useful tips!!

Good luck!!

I have 0 issues with your build after the changes you made. Maybe you could pull more dmg from your greens or maybe more pump into cunning but that’s minor.
Looks solid.

No reason, those are items that I have so I just put them from the top of my head. And yes Owl for damage reflection. Going Solemn Watcher would requires too many devotion points

Your second version is good Halcyon, but there’s a few improvements that can be made.


  • Got rid of Falcon and Jackal for Hawk and Rend (Huntress). Rend is an extremely strong ability from Bleed DPS alone, and it also reduces Bleed resist (which you do a lot of) and reduces OA. CoF will make sure it’s on everybody all the time.

  • The 6% attack speed you lose will be made up by going 12/12 in Solael’s, which you can do by reducing Blitz by 5 and Fighting Spirit by 6. Put last 2 points in CoF for extra -2% bleed/phys resist.

That’s it though. Good luck =)