Please, for the love of all FGs add -Chaos Res to Curse of F. to Black Flame Covenant set

Self explanatory - the set overall is great and makes the horrible AAR just OK.
However playing with a Warlock is nerve wrecking especially against mobs with some Chaos res.

Especially compare with what the set gives to Inquisitor mastery however no Occultist support…

Give the stacking RR to Curse of Frailty by default instead, so <94 occultists can also make use of it.

+1 to this. Chaos Warlock is already pretty sucky, without RR it can’t even come close to compete with other classes.

+1 to this. Inquisitor needs less lovin’.

Not only would -10% chaos res to CoF (I’d even push for 15%) improve AAR drastically, it would open up a lot more chaos caster builds

We all thought FG will make (chaos) Warlocks great again, but it kinda didn’t. We had promised chaos RR for occultist, but, effectively, it didn’t happen. We did get a set and an amulet with chaos RR to CoF, but chaos AAR still doesn’t exist because of the lack of RR.

I still believe, though, that Crate wanted us to be hyped to then be disappointed to then make us happy with some buffs to chaos Warlocks, so who knows what is gonna happen. I bet they’re tricking us in a good way.

+1 to giving chaos RR to CoF by default.

It’s inconsistent that Night’s Chill and Spectral Wrath give RR for the primary damage types of their masteries (i.e. pierce, cold, poison RR for Night’s Chill and vitality, aether RR for Spectral Wrath), but CoF doesn’t RR chaos, a primary damage type for Occultist.

Would also be in favor of removing chaos RR from Inquisitor death sentence, since this makes little sense thematically.

Inquisitor is also one of the few classes to have aether rr while only having a single aether damage spell: transmuted storm box

That was already suggested ad nauseam before.

Crate’s response was to increase the chaos RR amount on Eldritch Fire to 35%.

and we see the result where even deceiver ourdoes warlock for chaos.

AAR, not, its beyond salvation. But black flame CT warlock would appreciate any help he can get. :wink:

I agree mostly with you here mate. I can’t speak for non-transmuted AAR, but transmuted AAR is so clearly whacked (especially on the 'lock) that it’s near unsalvagable. At this point all I want is for chaos casters to have more itemization, and this is a great way to go about it.

I think the only 2 damage types it’s impossible to create a good spam caster for is chaos and pierce.

I actually want them to redesign Clairvoyant Set to be chaos oriented. After gutting CDR binders looks like this set makes little sense to support aether. While I showed that set still works even after nerf it looks like a bad joke compare to spam binders…

So please just give us good set for some button mashing

RR in general needs to be hit with a rocket propelled nerf hammer.
As for the actual set… eh, I guess.