PLEASE HELP! GT70 2PE Dominator Pro turning off when exiting out of Sleep Mode

Hey guys!

I am sincerely hoping that I can receive some assistance with my current issue. Back in 2014 I purchased a MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro. Until recently, the laptop had been performing very well and I was very happy with it. However, over the last 6 months or so an issue has arisen. This issue is that when I finish using my laptop each evening, I close the lid. I have set up my Power Settings so that when I close the laptop lid, the laptop is to enter Sleep Mode, which it does. Everything fine so far. However, the next time I open the lid and push the Power button to bring the laptop back out of Sleep mode to resume use, it turns on for a moment and then turns itself completely off…

This is a real issue as I very often have work and games open that require my session to span over numerous days and when the laptop unexpectedly turns itself off, I often lose progress.

I have trawled the internet and many forums in search of an answer as to why this behaviour may be occurring. However, more often than not the response advises the user in question to check their Power Settings to make sure none of the selections direct the computer to turn off. I can confirm that all my Power Settings direct my laptop to only enter Sleep Mode.

Throughout the time that I have owned my MSI laptop, I have endeavoured to keep it as well protected and free-from-harm as possible. I actively maintain both MalwareBytes and Norton 360 and have never had the laptop infected with any virus that I know of.

I believe my MSI Gaming Notebook is now out of Warranty, which is frustrating that this issue arose so shortly after my Warranty ended. I am really, really hoping to reach out to other forum contributors a lot more educated and informed than myself in the hopes that there is something that can be done so that when I prompt my laptop to exit out of Sleep Mode, it does so normally, and I am able to resume my session from the previous day without any unexpected and unwanted shut-downs.

I have provided the official MSI link to the laptop in question below for your reference. I have remained on Windows 8.1.

Any assistance would be hugely appreciated!

Thank you for your help!


First off i am no tech head by any means but if it started 6 months ago and happens every time then the first thing i thought of was it might have something to do with windows update.

I would try and turn it off and see if that helps your problem and just update once a week manually if that is indeed causing the problem. Hope this helps or someone more knowledgable than me can help you with this annoying issue. This guy had a similar problem.

Thank you for your contributions, guys. As it stands, nothing has worked.

What I would like to know, as I am thinking it would pose as a temporary solution to my issue is whether it is harmful to my computer to not put it in to Sleep Mode once I am done using it.

This would mean that the computer would remain unused, with the screen off (an automatic function to conserve the screen), for periods of up to 20 hours or so.

Would this pose harm to my laptop? I could disconnect it from the Internet so as to minimise any chance of harmful intrusions whilst it is left on.

I do not want to participate in any practice that would cause harm to my laptop but I also want to keep my Diablo II game session open. This is the reason why I would don’t want my laptop turning off unexpectedly.

Any opinions on this practice would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks, guys!


The most harmful thing if you were to do that would probably be caused by overheating. There are quite a few laptop fan cooling options (some that run off usb and others that require a power source) that i would look into if you decide to engage in this practice regularly.

As another option to try do you alt tab to the desktop before putting it into sleep mode or just have it on the game screen? If you always do it one way i would try the other way to see if anything changes.

It could be an overheating issue, and getting an external laptop cooling solution would be a good idea.

I also would advise ditching norton, its one of the worst AV for detecting viruses, as well as having problems with games, (detecting steam games as viruses is pretty common) I would advise disabling or ditching norton and install a better AV then run a full file check, its very possible, there could be a problem and norton is failing to detect it.

I would do that first, if the problem continues, then it could be something a lot more serious, possibly a hardware fault, then you probably should get the laptop seen by a reputable laptop repair shop. (the other thing is, there been a few cases where laptops have caught fire due to overheating issues or PSU issues which could also be the cause.