Please keep working at this wonderful game!

Over the past years i shelfed GD played it again and so on.

Meanwhile Grim Dawn is the best game of its kind to me.

please i beg you CRATE managers.

Keep creating more content for this wonderful piece of software.

Many thnx! I love you for creating this game.


Welcome to the forum and glad to hear you enjoy the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

Crate have made it clear for some time now that the game is content complete and they’re happy with where it is atm. They’ll continue to support the game with balance patches, but any new content is unlikely.

Crate are focusing on their other projects - a town builder entitled Farthest Frontier which is due to go into early access in 2022.

An RTS game which they said recently will be set on Cairn in a pre-GD era.

And a horror survival game of which we know nothing more atm.

Maybe in the future they’ll get around to making GD2.

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Just wanna say Crate should follow their dreams and do what they really really feel like doing, and only if they really feel it in their hearts, always listen to the voice of inspiration and do not blindly adhere to what other poeple expect of them, stay real to the diversity of their interests and just be real, be real in their hearts and minds get down to GD2 asap YO