Please Remove Blade Spirit Suicide

I like the skill a lot when it’s not killing me, but I’m getting real tired of dying to it when it goes after something or a group of enemies with reflect on. Resists and reduction only delay the inevitable as the potion and PB goes on cooldown. There’s no way to control it or dismiss it when you start seeing your life sucked out of you. It’s not fun, it’s annoying, and completely impractical to not be using it in fear that something with reflect might be somewhere off screen or buried somewhere in a pile of enemies and effects. None of the “scales with player” skills should behave this way.

Yet another thread about it.
If they remove it, there’ll be a very strong reflect safe build. Imbalance, much.

Maxed resist (and eventually reflect reduction on top of it) helps greatly with it. Controlling the number of spawns is another form of control on the player’s side. Blade burst was also nerfed, and it was the major source of fuck-up moments.

With resist maxed, it’s only the reflect aura and mages posing a threat. The simple solution is one to be a bit careful when facing any of these and avoid casting 2-3 spirits in a split second.
If issues still exist, it could be about imbalanced characters. Highly buffed BS dishes a shitload of damage, CDR makes you able to keep 3 perma, and 4 temp. If damage and number of spirits don’t correspond to the HP pool, it’s a problem strictly to the player.

I have to disagree with your assessment. It’s somewhat reasonable to slow your roll when you see reflect go up. It’s not really reasonable to not use it when there might be a possessed mage…somewhere it will drift to. 91 cold resist, 80 pierce and bleed, and they chew through 9.5 health like nothing. A solution of “well, don’t use it so much” or not buffing your skill to the point past where you yourself can take it is not fun or tactically engaging.

There are far stronger overall builds that don’t really need to care about reflect to this degree so I don’t see how it would make it unbalanced. “Shucks, I didn’t die to that hero with reflect just like I didn’t die to the last 1000 without reflect. This build’s totally broken, yo.”

That’s the exact reason why reflect even exists in this kind of games - a hard counter to high damage dealers, with inappropriate output damage-to-HP pool ratio. Also, at times, reflect is the only mechanic able to make you not fall asleep, high damage/defense chars exist as well.

You can command them with the Pet Attack skill.

Wow lol didn’t know that.

This and also use blade shield for the 3 seconds of immunity.

I had no idea either. I’m not sure it will help much in the situations where you’re wham-bam-dead like this morning when I ran into two hero mages in a row that were behind columns. I was dead before I even knew they were there both times. I’ll give that a try though.

I don’t deal that high damage compared even to my other characters, let alone builds I see here. My other characters don’t die to reflect. It’s not even really a concern. I have one that can burn down reflect heroes in a couple seconds and has half the defenses and health of this one.

Besides that and more importantly, my defenses and health pool are fine for everything else. Reflect specific to Blade Spirit is a spiky damage outlier. If I were to take those points out of Blade Spirit and stick them elsewhere, I would no longer die to reflect. I specced into it to try it and like it a lot, in general. I could easily spec back out and go back to not worrying about reflect. That to me shows it’s out of whack. I’d rather keep playing with it though, just without the annoyance.