Please remove cooldown on Guardian of Empyrion and Blade Spirits

Dear Crate Entertainment,

Firstly, I’ve been enjoying Grim Dawn immensely and thank you for continuing to support our game.

Just trying out the Immortal Pet build [] [HC] The Immortal Army - Pet Dervish - Beginner Friendly Pet build! Super fast MC farmer! after reaching my first 100 HC self-found with Maya’s pet conjurer build.

It occurs to me that it is an inconvenience to have a cooldown when casting the Guardians and Spirits every time I launch a new game. I can understand the CD in regular pet builds as they are “mortal” but these pets are “immortal”. Removing the casting CD would be a nice QoL improvement so that I can get my full army up and running as quickly as possible.

Thanks in advance.


I give this +1000

Sooo annoying, they can’t die and they can’t be removed by monster nullification.

Furthermore, they disappear when you change their skill ranks (either by putting in more points or changing gear) which is major PITA when leveling


I’ll also suggest (if this is possible, ofc) to make them be summoned all at once, as now it’s frustrating to wait the cd every time you summon 1 of your 4 BS/GoE.


if they have 0 cooldown you can just spam the button :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s possible, probably some animation delay. But if you can summon them at once you don’t care about CD, since they are invulnerable.

But having 4x Spirits and 5x Guardians and have to summon them is really annoying :yawning_face:

It’s already been asked but +1. Especially painful when you die in Shards and have to waste like 10-30 seconds on it in town.

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Yes, would be great. Whats the purpose of cooldown on a pet that is immortal anyway?

I am not sure what the intention is here then. To annoy a player who just died and wants to get back into the fray asap but has to spend 30 seconds on spawn conjuring Blade Spirits?

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And to slow down every player in the beginning of each game-session. Sadistic devs

I’m not sure how this is even relevant to me as I already mentioned that I play HC so there is already a permanent punishment for death :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, to address your point- while I do not argue that there may perhaps be a reason why the developers may have designed it so, we are not made aware of what that intention is and your argument is just conjecture on the developers behalf. This feedback section is to suggest improvements to the game including QoL changes. Given the consensus from nearly everyone in this thread so far, it would seem the inconvenience of the cooldown far outweighs the supposed motives for placing a cooldown on the summoning.


You didn’t quote who you were replying to so I apologise as I thought you were replying to me (the OP).

I’m not taking your response as an attack and even agreed that there may be reasons why the developers have a cooldown. Also, do not take any of my responses as an attack on you as this is not my intention. Please reread my contention that they have not disclosed what the reason may be, if indeed there is one. You are stating “your version of logic” but this is not from the developer and hence why my previous reply says that this is just conjecture.

Ultimately, all that I am simply asking for is a QoL improvement. I understand that the developers do not always agree with what every individual would like but let us use Grim Internals as an analogy. Grim Internals introduced many QoL features such as auto-pickup and loot filter that the developers themselves later instituted. Now there was no explanation by the developers why these features were not initially included but they listened to community feedback and added these features.


I’m glad someone brought this up. I would say either remove the cooldown, reduce it to 0.5 sec or better, just make it spawn MAX summons when you press the button. This is a small but very useful quality of life request.

If you really hate it, then you can make a 1-button combo in GDAutocaster that summons all your Blade Spirits and casts all your permanent buffs. A word of caution though - if you use it once, you can never go back.

Sure it doesn’t solve the problem because you still have to wait for your army but at least you can go somewhere and forget about it because the buttons are going to be pressed. Well unless pressed during the loading screen.




[combo presses]


Fantastic news everyone.

As of patch the cooldown for both Blade Spirits and Guardians of Empyrion have been removed.

Just wanted to share the good news :slight_smile:


Yep, a huge quality of life buff.

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Thank you @Khai for this suggestion and thank you @Zantai!

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