Please Removed Some Conversion From The Sets

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There are sets of two damage types supported. My example is with the dark one ( He gives her a chaos when the set is full but she loves the chaos to the vital. Converting the chaos to the vital should be lost as there is a chaos given to the dark one. I want raven earth chaos but I can’t do it because my item is dark one because without the chaos. Please remove some conversions so we can get more and more like chaos rave earth

-1 to the suggestion from me. Removing the Chaos to Vitality conversion will hurt a fair number of characters that use the conversion to increase their damage.

Dark One is primarily a Vitality set followed by Acid/Poison, the only hint of Chaos on it is the set proc. I would not use it on Chaos characters.

I would look for Chaos Ravenous Earth support elsewhere in the current itemisation. For example, it’s possible to get 100% Vitality damage converted to Chaos between Fiend’s Resolve and Sash of the Bloodlord and 170 Chaos damage added to it from Fiend’s Resolve/Soulcatcher.


-1. Me too.
Rather than make changes to your current set and ruin multiple builds, let’s hope that Crate will add a new set for it.

I don’t like OP example but sometimes the set conversion can affect your build ideas in negative way. For example I was trying Dreeg set for vitality damage but wow, a vitality to acid conversion. So it’s not possible despite dagger supports vitality and acid and until recently it was full vitality.

Conversion is an advanced mec that offers maximizing damage to a build, i’d rather it to stay. It actually enhances build opportunity, just that we might need more conversion gears.

The thing that puzzles me is, that the converted damage ALWAYS gets a boni as well.
Say, you got an item that converts chaos -> vitality, in 90% of the cases, it will have both chaos AND vitality boni.
That is extremly confusing, especially if the item combination allows a full conversion - and yet, the damage you converted is your second highest %damage.
If now your skill (which is not that rare) deals 3 types of damage, let’s take Sigil of Consumption. You now have an item combination that converts chaos -> vitality, yet in the end you will have more %chaos than the ‘untouched’ Fire damage. I can somewhat understand the reason, since the boni does at least benefit you if you don’t have full conversion, while a Fire bonus in this example would be useless if you were to use it with another skill (like Doom Bolt).

I think because the chaos flat damage from items or devotions will scale with your chaos % damage. If sets have only single type of damage and not dual, your conversion will be lot weaker. With chaos % damage equal to vitality makes your conversion very potent.

I think there are several reasons for this:

  1. It’s thematic
  2. It allows for weird combinations.

Take this for example:

Radaggan’s amy converts 100% of the chaos damage on sigil to acid, but dark one’s set convertes 50% chaos to vit.

However, sigil will remain unaffected by dark one’s conversion.

Having dual damage types on a set allows for diversity

Definitely NO

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Wait, I am pretty sure that flat damage gets converted first and foremost before scaling with the damage? o.O Why would that work differently than skill damage?! What about weapon damage? I am pretty sure that a 100% pierce weapon does not profit from %physical damage.

I’d like to think that the +x% Chaos damage on the item in this example is just a “freebie” stat. Sure, the devs could remove it since the item is clearly weighted over to Vitality and it’ll make very little difference to the build but I’m almost certain Zantai is not going to compensate it with a different stat, so you may as well either take the small boost to your unconverted damage or pretend it doesn’t exist at all.

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