Please sort item properties by affixes

Hey developers,

would it be possible to sort the item properties (like +4 cold damage) according to the affixes in the item popup window? So that in the list first are shown the prefix properties and then the suffix properties. This would make it easier to recognise what properties belong to what affixes. At the moment there seems to be no order in that.

If affixes come with more than one property it is usualy the case that e. g. prefix property 1 is listed first, then suffix property 1 is listed then suffix property 2 and then again prefix property 2.

This becomes especially confusing in case of rare items (which dont seem to be rare at all)

Please excuse my word selection. I am not an English native.

What would you do with duplicate values? Like an MI item that gives a certain resistance combined with an six that fixes the same? You would have two occurrences of the same modifier, which would make it actually more difficult to have a quick overview of what the item does.

Also, I like that there is a fixed order in which the values appear, e.g. flat damage first, then damage bonus, then resistances, then skills, then skill modifiers. It makes it much easier to find what you are looking for.

But I guess this could be an alternate display mode for the item (like if you hit ctrl, it will gray out the components and augments, so you can quickly see what the item itself does)

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Oh, ok, then that is the order. That did not occur to me. I will check this for myself, but this would actually make sense. But maybe a second or toggle option to order them by affixes would also be nice sometimes to see what comes from where. In that case I think it would not be a problem to have a certain property occur twice if it comes from each affix.