Plushie the Third, Vote Now!

Wait, so not only will I be able to buy a Crate plushie, but it will happen later in the year when I might have enough money to afford to support the campaign?

There cannot possibly be a better timeline than this one.

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Thank you! I was hoping you would consider doing this. Amzing stuff, can’t wait for my Crate Plushie :star_struck:

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Thank you sooo much! This approach is the best of both worlds, and we appreciate the official announcement!

Please pass our collective thanks onto all those from Crate Entertainment and Makeship who influenced and made this decision!

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sorry i missed the vote i would love a plushie blight fiend, the necromancer is my favorite class in the game, mixes well with most others, opresser is my go to, sad i missed the event

I just want to say that I’m highly disappointed in 2 things:

  1. I missed the poll, as usual
  2. Scorv did not get more love