Plz explain or maybe rework

I got a question about a weapon dropped by Bloodlord Thalonis.

It has a skill effect:
6% chance of +100% skill cooldown reduction to Possession

Help me understand whats the use plz because its a toggled skill:rolleyes:

It means, that when you have posession toggled on, you have a 6% chance on attack to reduce all your CDs by 100%.It’s designed this way, so you can only use the effect on an occultist

I don’t think it’s all cooldowns, just that whenever a skill is used, it has a chance of resetting that skill’s cooldown only.

Tnx for explaining

was reading it that possesion had its cooldown reduced:eek:

This kind of CDR only works on active skills by the way, the kind you can put on the skill bar.
That makes it good for builds where you have big damage or utility skills like Doom Bolt or Mirror, but doesn’t help at all with things like Blast Shield or Giant’s Blood.

WTF, I trashed that item bc the description made me think it lowers possession cooldown which made no sense