POE player new to GD, help please :)

Hey gents! Im brand new (3 days) to GD, loving it so far. I stream POE almost every day, but ive been hooked on this game. Anyways, I think for trading there are only forum posts yeah? Im looking for the Deviltongue and Exterminus guns and have no idea how to trade for them. Also, I’m reading that some people say certain items are farmable, and others say its like POE where it can drop from anything. Im assuming its all RNG when it comes to loot. Thanks for the help in advance! cheers!

Welcome :slight_smile:

There are trading threads under gameplay discussion. Also 99% of items can drop from anything but most bosses have there own monster infrequent items that can only drop from them, usually it’s a green item but some bosses have legendary items that can only be dropped from them.

Since there is no central server / chat, the forums are probably the best way to find a trading partner. How you then trade (meet in-game, send stashes via email) is up to you.

Drops are random, but mobs are more likely to drop gear they use than other gear, so when you look for guns your best bet is farming bosses (better drops) and mobs that use guns themselves, eg Cronley’s Gang

Awesome thank you guys for the quick reply’s and clearing a few things up for me, I’ll check out the trade posts, and get to farmin! Good luck and stay safe out there Salute

Stay away from the mods until you’ve cleared the game at least once imho. So you get a feel for things

ok sounds good, my buddy that showed me this game plays the mods, i think im more into the normal game unmodded. but it sounds interesting, ill stick to the playthrough for now :slight_smile: