Poison Aegis Warlord?

Hey guys, been leveling up an Oathkeeper using poison and Aegis and Ive been having a lot of fun with it. Haven’t selected a second mastery yet, (Currently 55) but I am leaning toward soldier (But open to suggestions). I like the play style of Aegis and sword and board.

So my first question is, is Warlord a good choice for an aegis build? Poison is preferred tbh, but if there is a good fire build for it then great.

Second question is, if sword and board aegis isnt the best for a warlord, what is?

Thanks a bunch!

Warlord is a fine choice for aegis builds in general, but soldier doesn’t support poison damage at all. If you want to build for specifically poison damage, pick another class that has poison damage support (nightblade or occultist come to mind). If you’re building poison damage, you want as many ways to reduce enemy acid/poison resist as possible, and occultist/nightblade are both good at this.

Soldier mainly has shield support and defensive utility, but since you’re going for damage over time instead of just tanking everything, soldier doesn’t offer as much

For Poison Aegis you can select Occultist and try using Perdition set. Actually Warlord is possible too, but only perk you have is shield passive skills, no - acid resistance reduction or damage.

Usually best Warlords are retal but I don’t if they are suited for leveling. Also option is Eye of Reckoning, doing physical damage. For leveling physical 2H Forcewave is always a nice option.


Best Warlord is retal Warlord ! [] [HC] Hybrid Retal EoR Warlord - SR85+ [g4][c][sr+][vid]

Lots of items have Retal added to attack for Aegis of Menhir. Maybe you could combine the two.

For poison aegis, I’d assume the best is a Sentinel with 3pc Sentinel’s Set and Scion of Noxious wounds.