Poison damage too OP?!?!

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Honestly, I will agree, but take a slightly different approach here…

I am a firm believer that, all things being equal, poison is by far the most dangerous damage type in the game, with vitality being a distant second. Ran into Occullan while doing a shrine in Elite and the damage he did with his DEE+VE was just mind-boggling, even at max poison/acid res. Poison also seems to tick really hard, and resists for it are not exactly easy to get.

DEE kind of has a built-in shotgun effect with VE, so honestly I think that explains a lot of it. There’s ton’s of support for poison/acid on the devotion tree, too, and there’s plenty of ways to get -res for it. Don’t forget that Possession also gives you damage absorption.

Yeah, I’d say it’s really, really strong.

Posion is good … i think i’ve seen builds hit 130k’s …

Bleed is better… If you want to talk about insanity… My Bleeding heart build hit 180k on Fabious last night… and i am missing 1 very important piece of gear for the build still.

All dot builds are crazy strong due to being able to crit. The problem with DOT builds is the fact that Healing can be a challenge. You cannot use %attack to HP on all DOT’s…

I think a good measure is how much time it toke you to kill fabius. I read BM can do it around 8 and bleed build do it around 10,12?. Those are with some heavy human damage though.

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I think part of the perception is due to how easy it is to STACK poison damage. Just look at the number of epics, empowered epics, and legendaries that cater to it! Not to mention how many constellation PROCS there are for poison builds.

On the other hand, look at chaos damage. This type of damage has very little support from itemization and constellation procs.

When bonuses stack, it is no wonder that poison can do massive damage.

Vitality is very weak at the beginning, but a 1000% vitality decay shreds mobs easily in Elite and Ultimate (except Void leeches). The only difference being that one can’t readily spam vitality skills (cooldown on sigil and totems) whereas poison skills can be spammed + proc’ed frequently.

My melee poison build can face tank ultimate Fabius full to dead in 12-15 seconds and I have seen a top dot tick of 135k on him. I wouldn’t say that it is too OP, it is just really damn fun to play.

Please don’t yell at me, but nday76 would you consider posting a guide on your overpowered poison build?

Cause it seems I’m hopeless at builds, because I just keep dying over and over. So I would love to try an ‘overpowered’ build.

I know lots of people like a challenge, but I just find it frustrating. So anything that can give me an edge would be most welcome :slight_smile:

well it’s not anything special
it’s just typical DEE Witch Hunter build
1600% acid/poison damage %
100% or more acid/poison resist reduction from CoF and VoS
Blood of Dreeg and Pneumatic Burst for 30% heal each
Blade Barrier for invulnerability while heal skills are in cool down.
Max Resistance on most damage and elements
Only 9k HP
14% damage absorption from possession

When I make a build, I usually try to find minimum tanky-ness to maximize the damage.

All my casters have 9k hp (anything less I find myself dying, anything more felt wasteful)
But they all have max resistances,
one to three types of crowd control (slow, freeze, confuse, terrify, fumble),
damage absorption in certain way(warlock has 34%),
has one or two instant heal/regen skills,
and at least one invulnerability skill like Blade barrier and Mirror Ereoctes.

This is why my characters don’t die at all

I really like getting armors that gives you lots of free skill points.
It give you easy way to over max main damage skill to increase the damage(my AAR warlock has 26 point on ARR, and DEE Witch Hunter has 22 points on DEE)
while giving you so much left over skill points to put on defensive skills too.

I think guide to certain build isn’t necessary as all you need is core concept of offense and defense.
What and how are you gonna maximize the damage?(or minimize the defense)
how are you gonna survive the damage?(heal/regen/invuln/block/dodge/CC)
All the armor parts, components, skills and builds should be adjusted accordingly.

Hope this help you a bit. I played a lot of ARPG that requires proper build but grim dawn, I still have a lot to learn too.

I think poison isn’t OP, it just has too many sources of independant DoTs compared to other damage types. Literally every poison item gives an additional skill to use and it’s not too hard to cycle between all of them when you have like +500% poison duration.

Look at that! My poison got reflected and apparently it lasts for 34 seconds! http://imgur.com/NeWsxWe.png

Thanks for the advice nday76.

Sadly I’m not a very good player and I’m finding the game frustratingly difficult (even on normal difficulty :undecided:).

I guess I just need to experiment more to find something that works for me. So I’ll try your poison build :smiley:

I wouldn’t call it overpowered until every single ultimate-viable build uses it because nothing else even compares or is able to do it. Does that make sense?

guess ill have to level up my dee toon then and try it for myself

It is not overpowered, merely powered… properly?

Say, balanced, appropriately, with the content?

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Overpowered doesn’t mean everyone will use it. There are plenty of overpowered builds out there but the game is pretty well balanced in the fact that there are countless builds reaching Ultimate and Hardcore Ultimate every day. Some are more gear dependent while others are easier to play. In the end, it boils down to whether or not you are willing to make your build work.

Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. My first five characters are all mules because of how badly I screwed them up. But the more I played, the more I learned what worked and what doesn’t.

Yeah, the amount of times I picked up an item and was like: “neat”, and then: “poison? again?!” is kind of insane.