Poison meteors?

I’ve always loved the Sentinel’s poison meteor attack. Doesn’t exist for players, but now I’m wondering anyone seen that sort of thing on expansion loot?

Some necklace dropped a slith in a cave gives 45% Elemental to Acid. It won’t give you the cool visuals though but it’s something you can go for

I think Viloth is the one who drops it or maybe it was The Forgotten One.

Nothing else comes to mind though

You can use Cold to Acid Chest piece + necklace to make Poison/Acid TSS

You could use annihilation relic and loads of physical to acid items, I guess. Still stuck with the fire part though.

That amulet is dropped by primordian which is in some side cave in act 1.

If you convert 100% aether to poison or acid say, and cast devastation is it still aether gfx?

Graphics only change when you change damage type through a mutator in the skill tree. Chaos AAR for example. Conversion through any other source means graphics stay the same.

100% Poison AAR/Devastation build sounds amazing.

^ seconded. Damage will be DoT now in that case, yes?

Poison Devastation = rain of s#%$