[Poll] Does Fire Strike needs another buff?

Tried to theorycraft a dagallon’s char, it seemed way too squishy for the amount of damage it would have, so I scrapped it and thus have never tested it ingame yet. Maybe @Sammus can provide some further information on this, I know he played one not that long ago.

What about buffing the base skill by roughly the amount that the transmuters give and change the transmuters to sth really interesting (like most other transmuters) with either damage conversion (maybe more chaos or pierce love?), CDR combined with total damage modifier or added burn dmg (“fire bomb/blast”, similar to korvaak relic ability), -% total damage with piercing projectiles or sth totally different. I know this is kind of a big change and you could also only change one transmuter first (keep the 2h one) and see how that feels.

Did a crucible 150-170 on gladiator for the first time with my build in 8 minutes. (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZROmejN)

It was a light show and I didn’t know what I was doing, which bosses were going to spawn and what to expect in general but, everything melted in front of me and I could easily facetank. It was fun :sweat_smile:

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Sounds promising.

I was going to try a fire conversion build first

But why revenant skellies if dagallon already has rr?

Uptime on set RR is too low IMO and skellies have a secret benefit that I’m sure everybody knows…:wink:

Also I needed the completion devotion bonus so…

What, mess with AI :slight_smile:
anyway, i’m also inclined to try dagallon at face value without converting one element to another. At best pierce>fire

That’s a decent enough result, but super tanky chars, e.g. Warlords, can yield similar or better results while being waay tankier. To make it a glasscannon and not just a glasspistol it needs some (small) buffs imo.

Yea I know other tankier builds yield better results but it was my first try at 150-170. Surely with more experience the result will improve significantly.

Yea hopefully @Superfluff will take the time to check it out properly :smile:

This is not bad. Was that 3 buffs/1 Vanguard banner run? Consistency is also a big question.

Just for comparison best pure melee builds like my no green Belgothian BM can go as fast as 5:45, my melee Fire Strike Shieldbreaker can go as fast as 6:18, Deathmarked Infiltrator - I am guessing anywhere between 6 and 7 minutes. Those are all pretty tanky and consistent specs.

Then there are unkillable Shattered Guardian specs: Pierce Blademaster (almost as fast as Belgo, 10 times tankier), cold N&O Sabouter (6:30-7:30)., maybe some other specs I am forgetting about.

So yeah, if you put ranged builds performance into perspective, they don’t look so good.

Such days that you speak of BM Belgo :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I added that section to my Belgo Infiltrator guide. I enjoy playing BM over Infiltrator, what can I say, it’s the purest melee build out there. And my non-green spec is not that far from your super green fantasy spec and more consistent for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What is is the secret to your certainty :smiley: Also the’'fantasy was deliberate tot take him as far was possible into greatness. I had already done everything with him

I don’t die with him. I also updated him, for myself for now. Has extra 200 DA and extra 300 cunning depending on situation 225K dps iirc(but gotta check again). I want 3K cunning without gimping :smiling_imp:

Hours and hours of testing and polishing my specs. )

Same here, but you assume I die through your testing and that’s not fair play is it. I don’t do stuff like that

I just remember your initial green spec with 2500 DA, I know it has insane damage but it’s gotta be prone to ocassional one shots, especially in modern Crucible. If your latest one is the one you went into SR with (conduit + decent DA) then I guess it’s also consistent.

I am mostly bantering tho.

Back then only kaysan and not avoiding shotgun/belly barf combo from 169 fatties would slap me on the wrist for being cocky.

New cruci certainly needed some extra defense.

Sadly i haven’t seen an improvement in AI on my side as patch tells should be. After my 2 month break i took the new specs and did 5:05 on second try and I’m convinced it can be better if mobs play along

On topic: I have Dagallon GT ready. If it fails to do approx 6:30-45 max tomorrow I will write here

I think 7 minutes with 80-90% consistency would already be something good.

If this happens I will be disappointed. I actually have expectations from this build lol It’s not chaos DB…but i’ve been disappointed before

A build that can finish crucible 170 in less than 10 minutes sounds like a solid build to me. You have such absurdly high standards due to your obsession with clearing times that I doubt you are the right person to talk about underperforming builds or skills at all.

I am the the right person, mate. I test quite a lot of specs and make quite a lot of solid builds… And while under 10 minutes is fine for non synergetic gimmicky but well put together build. But it’s awful for an Elemental Purifier wearing dedicated set.

Another thing, “under 10 minute builds” have to be very tanky to endure the onslaught that is current Crucible. It’s more of a metric of Ashes of Malmouth Crucible tbh. Current Crucible is super harsh if you can’t kill enemies quick enough.