>>>>Poll<<<< To Reap or not to Reap

Yes you can convert all the pierce with 2x Earthsplitters GT - https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9283

And use belt for vitality to physical and pieces for elemental to physical and take Beronath Fury + Soul Harvest+WPS skills. It looks like a long term project. I actually made two physical builds, I intend to post in near future, damage type is on a rise and there are quite few interesting ideas.

I’m aware those weapons though I was thinking something else. Give me half an hour, I see what I do with it in GT, then I might add as an option. But in the end with Beronath and (if I take) Harbinger, %25 base physical will be converted.

Make a Cold DW Bone Harvest Reaper build with Mythical Dreadweaver and all similar items
Pretty sure we don’t have such a build on forum.


DW soulrend build!

@Maya will propose pet reaper

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DW BH isn’t a thing so it’ll be there just fore some AOE, damage itself won’t be enough so I can’t invest purely to BH, only SH to get flat damage but that weapon might useful in such setup.

I have already a https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyQGmnZ DM Reaper theorycraft but I’m so lazy to farm a new pair of Alkamos Rings… And it will be one of the most piano melee builds ever I suppose.

I want to see that fire reaper.

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I made a reasonable DW Physical Reaper(looks a bit squishy though) and I can add it to the poll if you’re interested. But I need to restart the poll for that apparently.

make poll if to make new poll

What do you mean, I didn’t get it

that is what I meant

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Since I can’t change the poll after it has started(lol) I can’t add a new one to it either. So I open a poll in this comment and hope one of the mods can able to change it or move this post to below op.

  • DW Melee Fire Reaper
  • DW Melee Vitality Reaper (With Morgo set but AA based)
  • DW Melee Physical Reaper
  • DW Melee Vitality Reaper(non-set)

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I added a new option by @Nery suggestion.(Never thought of it actually so thanks) You now have 2 vote right and I’ll end the poll tomorrow at noon and start doing the one lead. Apparently Fire Reaper won in the first one.

But I can also start to do Fire Reaper, won’t take too long, have all the gear I need; I’ll only need to level the devotions etc. It will probably suck so this poll’s second might be the next reaper :rofl:

3 people only voted for one even though they can vote two lol :smiley: I guess I should made it min:2. First time poller sorry :rofl:

No, it’s prefect. Being able to choose just 1 option allows you for example to vote just for Drain Essence SSF with higher chance of success :sunglasses:


Now this is what I am talking about!


Well poll is over. In first one Fire Reaper triumphed. In second one there is a tie but since no mod exchanged the polls it got less attention and less vote. I have to consider first poll aswell.

So let’s make a Fire Reaper!:fire:

If it sucks/unplayable etc then I will respec everything into physical one because I liked that idea aswell.

Mods can’t change polls once they’ve been up for 5 minutes so out of luck there. Don’t ask me why cause I don’t know.

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I thought so aswell so np :slight_smile:

People of the Memes! Fire Reaper is going better than I expected.

My first start was this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1exywV but didn’t work out the way I want to and it was impossible to play melee with all those skills. So I made some changes, found another way to increase the damage without ABB and it turned out even better. I had to use 2 MI’s and 1 crafted boots(Stoneplate) to balance things. Now I need another amulet with Aether or Chaos resistance and crafted a lot but no hope for now. Spent all my savings to this so if anyone have an extra Night Whisper Conduit with Fire RR and accidently Aether/Chaos resist which is not needed, I can trade it with Pierce or Bleeding resist one :rofl: Now I’m farming mats etc and doing rogue-likes while leveling the devotions. After all devos maxed I’ll share here with the tooltip stats then go for the test runs. Then I will publish build with a new thread.

Yes, Booette - Pet Reaper

Birb laugh echoes across the room



Probably no one cares but I’ll clarify anyway, so don’t you think I forgot the runner-up of the poll. I did actually made the Physical Reaper. Was too squishy and didn’t result as on the paper. OA and DA are hard to balance, though with some luck I did managed it, but if any person wanna do such build;
Physical Reaper this is my theorycraft, very close to one I used. I couldn’t find the right reaper pants so used Grava’s, and to get more OA, got Bull instead of Turtle but so I could invest more cunning but turtle is better choice here. The rest are same. It can do SR 65-66 but not without dying and not fast so I didn’t do further testing. It has the syndrome of all reaper have, too squishy and ofc not having proper AA skill doesn’t get along with physical damage I suppose.

Then I did res-pec it to the one I wanted to make at the beginning. A non-set(I mean no Morgo and no Blood Knight) Vitality Melee Reaper. Purely AA based. It’s much much better than Fire and Physical ones :smiley: Though I’ll do further testing with the new patch so I won’t have to do all SR runs again with new SR conditions. It’s also very tanky, surprisingly. Now the problem is I have 5 new, 4 old builds to test in new SR :rofl:

PS: I don’t know if anyone tried it before but; please bind Bull Rush to Ill Omen among packs and see what happens :smiley: It’s so fun, Azrakaa also works same with it, it’s like auto-rifle running.