(Poll) Which build(s) shall I do next? SSF - for "beginners"

This poll concept is super dope! I am wondering if you plan to use Apothecary’s set items on any of the above builds?

My first pick is Electrocute Stun Jacks. I have a janky stun jacks build i designed to be like Gambit from the X-men. The build is level 75 and has hit a plateau there due to my stubbornness in not wanting to sacrifice thematic flavor and character in order to achieve better survivability… Or so I believe. Following along with your journey and seeing what you do with your take on Stun Jacks build could really help me and make the journey more fruitful. Doubly so since mine is also Purifier.

Secondary choice is Drain Essence because 1) I love the skill and 2) You have captured my interest in declaring you will take the hipster route, off-meta! Oh hell yes! This I like!

Third vote went to the Rune Deceiver- I have a soft spot for Deceiver class combo, so many tools!

I guess it could fit well on fire caster because the other builds “needs” weapon reserved for conversions and skill bonuses :slight_smile: and also fits the purpose in trying to make budget version of my Fenix build.

Thanks for your votes

and yes I also think Deceiver is interesting, most optimal choice would be Doom Bolt chaos, but I have also made physical and vitality builds with deceivers that are both fun and pretty strong :slight_smile: (not meta strong but SR65+ strong)

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I am not sorry: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR111rV


EDIT: More HP Version because image : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jDDD4Z


Need more health :drop_of_blood:

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uh… none of the above :frowning_face:
would’ve loved to see a 2h melee savagery build, but I guess these aren’t too beginner friendly

They are beginner “friendly” for sure but I don’t wanna consider it. But why savagery when you have primal strike?! That is a freaking blast skill :slight_smile: I mean you can do it but will not be as powerful as say cadence.

EDIT: I found this [] Beginner's melee 2H Lightning Elementalist took me 5 seconds worth of google, seems like updated for a recent patch too (with primal strike though)

Drain Essence apostate is the weirdest choice and I have to see that, if only I could put my 3 votes on it.
And you forgot the cold Drain Essence spellbinder option


Physical drain essence or go home

EDIT: but yeah make sure to vote for the wierdest ones, make me suffer :smiley:


I thought about it while theorycrafting it and with Savagery line stats making the build gets easier but you need Gutsmasher or Avenger Set to convert lightning damage so nope, there is a 2H Cadence MI on the other hand.

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but yeah its more of bleed gear

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Beginner Bleeding Warder? Good call, even full gear versions can’t survive! :smiley:

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It has physical damage to feral hunger, you can just get weapon with physical affixes. Shop in bloodgrove and win

I doubt that only Feral Hunger can keep the build alive you’ll have too much bleeding damage in your AA single hit, so you can’t lifesteal from atleast 1/3 of your damage so you’ll need scales and gladiator belt atleast, but it’s possible to make health regen beginner bleed build, though the damage won’t satisfy with Warder, maybe trickster would be better choice.

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What I meant was that you can make physical savagery with that weapon…

You can make a physical savagery without that weapon too, it’s not converting lightning damage either, only gives %18 crit damage to it so any weapon could work the same way but it won’t be good enough.

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You do not need to convert everything in beginner builds I think, krovan spaulders should be enough to get.

But why would anyone play 2H savagery in the first place when shaman have primal strike?

lol I am hypocrite

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Looks like drain essence build and 2H warder is taking a nice lead :slight_smile: Still, one week to go so anything could happen!

If its between those 2 contenders I will be campaigning for Drain Essence! Please vote for Drain Essence in 2020!


I was thinking, I do the caster that get most votes, and the melee who gets most cote :slight_smile:

Make Drain Essence great again!

That’s why I’d love to see a beginner friendly Savagery build. Generally, I’m a friend of single target auto-attack skills, but Savagery is just garbage at that and has a way better alternative in the same mastery, with Primal Strike, which is not only better single-target but also AoE. It’s always been more of a buff skill thanks to Tenacity of the boar, and after that got nerfed you can’t do shit with Savagery anymore outside of some very special builds, and part of the issue is the very limited and mostly very bad item choices there is for Savagery. On the other hand, you can play Primal Strike with any 2h Lightning weapon and be successful easily.

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