(Poll) Which build(s) shall I do next? SSF - for "beginners"

Hi guys and girls! :vulcan_salute:

I was thinking about making another SSF-ish play journal(s) for making one or several builds. I just did shield throw paladin here and will make some kind of guide for it. Here is the “final” result of the paladin so to say.

:sparkler: I have made some plans and wanna see what interest is for which to make next!

The journals will cook down to guides, but also there can be interest to follow along? :slight_smile:

You can vote for up to 3 alternatives, further down you can read a bit more what I was thinking more in particular with each option.

Note I will never in my life have time to make all of these, but perhaps 2 or 3 of them :alien:Preferably some variation like one melee and one caster :crossed_swords: :mage:

I was thinking about starting this around next weekend, so like 13th November. I start with which one that got most votes :1st_place_medal:

REMEMBER: you can vote for three alternatives :slight_smile: Vote by clicking in boxes below.

  • Option 1: two-handed aether cadence battlemage (melee)
  • Option 2: two-handed physical cadence warder (melee)
  • Option 3: “sword and shield” tank warlord (melee)
  • Option 4: ranged lightning primal strike vindicator (ranged)
  • Option 5: rune deceiver (caster)
  • Option 6: fire caster demolitionist based (caster)
  • Option 7: two-handed bone harvest cabalist (caster)
  • Option 8: drain essence build apostate or cabalist (caster)
  • Option 9: electrocute stun jacks demolitionist based (caster)

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More information about each option (click to open text):

Option 1: two-handed aether cadence battlemage (melee)

Battlemage is soldier + arcanist. Farming Krieg set and getting good Lucios weapon.

Option 2: two-handed physical cadence warder (melee)

Warder is soldier + shaman.
two handed physical cadence warder with some nice healt regenerations. Farming some nice monster infrecent items and weapon. Also using some blue epic items. Thanks @fordprefect to for original idea! :slight_smile:

Option 3: "sword and shield" tank warlord (melee)

Warlord is soldier + oathkeeper.
Goal could be to kill ravager and callagadra on normal and then try ultimate versions of them!

  • will basically be warlord version of stupid dragons krieg build [shield melee] Beginner's pre-Krieg Death Knight
  • Will not be leveling with sword and shield all the time though because that is just too slow. We can also try to transition into a budget retaliation build as another goal or just stick with cadence.
Option 4: ranged lightning primal strike vindicator (ranged)

Vindicator is shaman + inquisitor.
It will basically be to follow @Nery 's guide [] Beginners/Budget Vindicator,lightning Caster/2h Ranged versions
and perhaps make an update of that wonderful build and guide!

Option 5: rune deceiver (caster)

Deceiver is Inquisitor + occultist.
It will basically become a budget version of my (not yet “published”) vitality rune deceiver, which in turn is a deceiver variant of @RektbyProtoss apostate build [] [HC] Starfish Apostate - vitality Rune of Hagarrad + FoI (SR 65+, Mog, Rava)
Leveling and gearing up will mainly be done with cold rune.

Option 6: fire caster demolitionist based (caster)

Most likely coupled with inquistor to make purifier, but also with oathkeeper (to make shieldbreaker) or arcanist (to make sorcerer) is viable options.
Goal would be to make a build that focus on fire and burn damage, like blackwater cocktail, canister bomb and mines. Perhaps we can try to make a budget version of my build [] Fenix – Health Regen focused Mortar Purifier (SR80 and some celestial bosses)

Option 7: two-handed bone harvest cabalist (caster)

Cabalist is necromancer + occultist.
You have heard about vitality builds being good (best?) for beginners but think ravenous earth skill looks like shit? :poop: Then this will be the build for you!

Option 8: drain essence build apostate or cabalist (caster)

Apostate = necromancer + inquisitor & Cabalist is Necromancer + cabalist.
Drain essence is a channeling skill that leeches life.
Apostate will be aether damage and cabalist will be vitality focus. My preference is apostate because that is more hipster and non-meta. Spellbinder (necromancer + arcanist) is probably strongest, but apostate is fun too!

Option 9: electrocute stun jacks demolitionist based (caster)

Stun Jacks and possibly grenado will be main skills.
Either purifier (+inquisitor) and storm box as second skill or Elementalist (+shaman) and maelstrom as second skill.
My preference would be purifier actually because storm box has interesting monster infrequent items as support.
Goal could be to totem farm stormrend weapon and maybe also get blue epic set stormserpent and see what it can do!

Let me know what you think and remember to vote! :thought_balloon: :kiss:


SSF: stands for self solo found, meaning character will not use shared stash etc.

“Choose up to 3 options”
> Three melee choices

Well duh


Like former sovjet union, one option is enough :wink:

Then you click those options in poll!

My favorites are 2H warder and Stun Jacks btw


I do not see the option for “Solo Mastery Pet Shaman”


I was thinking about pet shaman, but solo class :smiley: Maybe pet druid in that case, but I am not good with being “creative” with pet builds. I basically just look at your builds and try to copy lol.

This is my physical pet conjurar btw https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVL11X4Z its pretty good, but not very creative

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You haz activated my trap card image

Physical Pet builds are a rarity these days due to the whole armor shenanigans. So would love to see a fresh take on it even if it is as a complete build rather than a diary/guide. And on that note I wonder if Maul works given its -30% armor debuff (bear devo proc).


Yes! It does, I have tested with my warlords, it is basically around 10% dps gain against ravager. [shield melee] Beginner's pre-Krieg Death Knight but that is with many small sources of flat physical, should be tested also with physical pets.

So for this build, I am gonna revisit it and change devotions. But hey, it killed ravager and calla and did sr 80 easypeasy so I am happy with it :slight_smile: I see no reason go beyond SR 75-76 because there is no loot just bragging rights

EDIT: I will just remove tree of life and get dire bear proc, as far as devotions go just to test its efficiency on pet build.

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Aether Cadence BM. I have posted end game version, super fun and powerful.

Also nice idea with the poll, I have thought about something similar in the past.

Oh, live long and prosper! :vulcan_salute:



yes I love that Battlemage build, would be fun to like build it up from scratch also battlemage is kinda forgotten class

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This poll concept is super dope! I am wondering if you plan to use Apothecary’s set items on any of the above builds?

My first pick is Electrocute Stun Jacks. I have a janky stun jacks build i designed to be like Gambit from the X-men. The build is level 75 and has hit a plateau there due to my stubbornness in not wanting to sacrifice thematic flavor and character in order to achieve better survivability… Or so I believe. Following along with your journey and seeing what you do with your take on Stun Jacks build could really help me and make the journey more fruitful. Doubly so since mine is also Purifier.

Secondary choice is Drain Essence because 1) I love the skill and 2) You have captured my interest in declaring you will take the hipster route, off-meta! Oh hell yes! This I like!

Third vote went to the Rune Deceiver- I have a soft spot for Deceiver class combo, so many tools!

I guess it could fit well on fire caster because the other builds “needs” weapon reserved for conversions and skill bonuses :slight_smile: and also fits the purpose in trying to make budget version of my Fenix build.

Thanks for your votes

and yes I also think Deceiver is interesting, most optimal choice would be Doom Bolt chaos, but I have also made physical and vitality builds with deceivers that are both fun and pretty strong :slight_smile: (not meta strong but SR65+ strong)

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I am not sorry: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR111rV


EDIT: More HP Version because image : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jDDD4Z


Need more health :drop_of_blood:

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uh… none of the above :frowning_face:
would’ve loved to see a 2h melee savagery build, but I guess these aren’t too beginner friendly

They are beginner “friendly” for sure but I don’t wanna consider it. But why savagery when you have primal strike?! That is a freaking blast skill :slight_smile: I mean you can do it but will not be as powerful as say cadence.

EDIT: I found this [] Beginner's melee 2H Lightning Elementalist took me 5 seconds worth of google, seems like updated for a recent patch too (with primal strike though)

Drain Essence apostate is the weirdest choice and I have to see that, if only I could put my 3 votes on it.
And you forgot the cold Drain Essence spellbinder option


Physical drain essence or go home

EDIT: but yeah make sure to vote for the wierdest ones, make me suffer :smiley:


I thought about it while theorycrafting it and with Savagery line stats making the build gets easier but you need Gutsmasher or Avenger Set to convert lightning damage so nope, there is a 2H Cadence MI on the other hand.

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