(Poll) Which build(s) shall I do next? SSF - for "beginners"

but yeah its more of bleed gear

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Beginner Bleeding Warder? Good call, even full gear versions can’t survive! :smiley:

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It has physical damage to feral hunger, you can just get weapon with physical affixes. Shop in bloodgrove and win

I doubt that only Feral Hunger can keep the build alive you’ll have too much bleeding damage in your AA single hit, so you can’t lifesteal from atleast 1/3 of your damage so you’ll need scales and gladiator belt atleast, but it’s possible to make health regen beginner bleed build, though the damage won’t satisfy with Warder, maybe trickster would be better choice.

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What I meant was that you can make physical savagery with that weapon…

You can make a physical savagery without that weapon too, it’s not converting lightning damage either, only gives %18 crit damage to it so any weapon could work the same way but it won’t be good enough.

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You do not need to convert everything in beginner builds I think, krovan spaulders should be enough to get.

But why would anyone play 2H savagery in the first place when shaman have primal strike?

lol I am hypocrite

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Looks like drain essence build and 2H warder is taking a nice lead :slight_smile: Still, one week to go so anything could happen!

If its between those 2 contenders I will be campaigning for Drain Essence! Please vote for Drain Essence in 2020!


I was thinking, I do the caster that get most votes, and the melee who gets most cote :slight_smile:

Make Drain Essence great again!

That’s why I’d love to see a beginner friendly Savagery build. Generally, I’m a friend of single target auto-attack skills, but Savagery is just garbage at that and has a way better alternative in the same mastery, with Primal Strike, which is not only better single-target but also AoE. It’s always been more of a buff skill thanks to Tenacity of the boar, and after that got nerfed you can’t do shit with Savagery anymore outside of some very special builds, and part of the issue is the very limited and mostly very bad item choices there is for Savagery. On the other hand, you can play Primal Strike with any 2h Lightning weapon and be successful easily.

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The DA was put in Oak Skin, which you would invest a lot into if you are shaman anyway.

Do you know what cadence is? (autoattack single target)

So in terms of playstyle cadence will be same as with savagery. Get tanky and smack monsters with big 2h wepaon :slight_smile: it is just that cadence will make you deal way more damage, at least with “budget” gears. But playstyle same

How and when to switch from forcewave to final S/B cadence build?

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No idea. Maybe level with vire is faster due to fast speed. Like FW first then vire then cadence. But I think level 90 when you can use highest tier versions of faction gear etc or level 94 for totally normal shield and fettans mask. But “as soon as possible”. And we can also ditch the cadence idea completely and just try to make budget retaliation build instead :slight_smile: (but no way leveling with retaliation lol that would take 50 hours to get to 94 then)

I don’t like Cadence at all, it’s really powerful and such, but only affects every 3rd attack.

Also, it’s a stupid design decision that the single target Skill Savagery is worse against single targets than the AoE Primal Strike.

and in the hits between you have nice WPS like Zolhan and Feral Hunger :slight_smile:
And cadance also acivates deadly momentum which you know affects everything :slight_smile:

At least for melee :wink:

I am not sure about that. Savagery damage does look lower but you can trigger WPS skills. And Savagery have charging system, which will make your strikes more potent and charge system is acting as multiplier for your WPS skills as well. So Savagery is much better skill than you think, although for 2H melee Primal Strike and Blade Arc with gear support are tough to beat.


I was thinking about what MI weapons there are for the 2H melee “auto attack” skills

Savegery has this bleed focused weapon Troll Bonecrusher that makes feral hunger hit in arc and buffs that wps.

Fire damage Fervor Korvan Burning Halberd enhances smite and make it hit in arc. Also has total multiplier to fervor! Never seen used in build.

Fire strike Barthollem’s Warmaul gives 3 targets, hit in arc, and total modifier. (fire strike already has total modifier as transmuter for 2H weapons) never seen used in build?

Blade arc Korvan Celestial Halberd converts aether and vitality damage to physical, perfect match for death knight. Also battlemage and warder can use it well I think

Acid Damage Fervor Korvan Eldritch Halberd lacks the total damage modifier otherwise very similar to fire version. Never seen used.

Primal strike Korvan Storm Halberd seems like good replacer before one gets Ultos set.

Cadence Voldrak’s Crusher extra weapon damage to cadence, looks sick!

I think the troll bonecrusher and the eldritch halberd should get +10% total damage to savagery / fervor.


I did test the Barthollem Warmaul in 1.1.7, the dps was pretty ok but as a Shieldbreaker without the damage reduction BWC now has, it was terribly glassy. With the last patch and a more well-rounded build it has to be good.
There’s also something to try with Upheaval, if I’m not mistaken, if Upheaval procs, it will proc around all targets hit by Fire Strike, basically making you shotgun with a mace. That sounds awesome, right ?

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Sure you can do these builds.

  • Troll Bonecrusher. I have used that in end game Archon, super cool weapon. For bleeding build you can use Farmstead Liberator as well, I have Warder sketch in my beginners builds collection.
    ⚔ Nery's beginner build collection

  • Fire Strike 2H is meant for Purifier , you can do SB as well. Not sure about support gear for budget build though, outside of Elemental blue rings.

  • 2H Righteous Fervor builds. Fire one have basically Smite support only, Acid looks promising though, since you have green amulet too. Perhaps Sentinel could work?

  • 2H Blade Arc. This weapon’s good. I have posted beginners Witchblade with it and @Stupid_Dragon did DK, both are very good but Warlord should also be possible.

  • 2H Primal Strike. I have sketch for Vindicator, but like Ultos set you have variety of possibilities.

  • 2H Cadence, reserved judgment.

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