[POLL] Which dmgtype/playstyle got the crappiest Magi ring?

Apostate, Death Knight, Purifier…

Still voted for Tawrot though.

Sure, that was a side argument, and it was exaggerated. But I think Tawrot will win.

Khonsar is kinda weird. Zero conversions, no specific skill bonuses to hardcap main skills. no spinning eye… The temp buff looks powerful, though.

It’s basically Kelphat’Zoth for Fire damage. Nifty enough.

Khonsar winning because no one plays pets. :scorv:

It literally has two conversions.

They are all terrible. Mostly because they don’t exist outside of GDStash! And secondly, because now they are bis for most builds and soon every posted build will look generic with one or two rings of “bla”.
I hope they all get nerfed :joy:

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I have no idea whose idea was to add Lightning to Pierce conversion on Orissa. Hands down one of the most awful conversion items ever. I can’t even.

Khonsar (fire ring) looks like it should be bis for melee Fire builds (not a lot of those), but I have tested it on my Murcielago Shieldbreaker and it loses both to Undying Oath and Combustion Band.

I’ve had better luck with these (4 drops) than Alkamos rings (0). Too bad they’re not the ones I want.

Over 3000 hours
Many, many hundreds of Alkamos runs
2 purple rings (not a set)
numerous sets of blues ofc

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I’m surprised you don’t think the ring is amazing. It’s a bit op actually. From the proc (best part) to damage + skills all relevant and conversion.

Personally I wouldn’t pick any of the options since all the rings are very good

Nope. It was actually nerfed in testing cause it was OP. It’s in a good place now. Pretty much BiS on any retal build

Not true.

Tawrot is great imo. I’m using tawrot + anubar on my mageslayer FoI spec.

Key is to convert the aether damage on the proc to elemental damage

Imo, it still needs to be tuned a bit. Like giving OA instead of DA.
And is it really better than Fist+Hand or some well-rolled Creeping rings?

Last I check it gave both OA and DA? Unless it was removed

Edit yep it definitely does

Honestly seph is probably the best of them at adding damage to it’s damage type… spanks is right x2 of these rings is best in slot on basically all retal builds

It does give both OA and DA. It’s actually one of the best magi rings with flat health, OA and DA, and two res.

It also has the most damaging proc by far

Yup, and with two rings you get two eyeball procs.

Take a look at the alternatives. I won’t call the ring “Crap” but I don’t see why I should use it in my builds.

Belgothian’s Sigil helps a lot more. Especially Trickster. Physique to Cunning, much needed Elemental Resistance…and relevant skills.

On my Guillotine Builds, Piercing doesn’t help, I need Physical Damage for ADctH. And AS (from Procc). On Rancor Builds, Piercing and Conversion is nice, but 2H…AS, Physique…

And even Deathlord’s Band will be used before Orissia on some builds. Procc and skill modifiers.

Maybe on Vindicator. She doesn’t need Elemental Resistance.

Just do it.

It makes even meme bleed builds viable.

The constant AoE is priceless for any bleed build. And trickester…it’s like 100% bias towards trickster this ring, can’t believe you would pick belgo over it…you can use both :smiley:

Deathlord band proc has nothing on the new one

I can´t on my Trickster. Or differently:
I would sacrifice 2 Skill modifiers on WPS and much needed Elemental Resistance. And here is the problem I mentioned in my Feedback thread: Sure, it´s 4 vs 4 (skill points) but I can´t push Whirling Death higher and would effectively loose 2 points in it (from 14/8 to 12/8). Sure, 2 points to spent anywhere…but most important skills are capped.

And Meme builds can´t use it either…they need Judicator Rings for RR. Trust me, I am currently testing a Meme Build. :wink:

Deathlord is only used on some builds like Ritualist (I think, have to look up). I tested new ring on Witchblade…as I wrote: It´s okay. I like the FX though. :slight_smile:

Well if gameplay with it won’t convince you nothing will.

Personally I absolutely loved that ring :slight_smile:

I think for a long time you’ve had to use filler items for bleed, like rings, you’ve balanced out your build in a certain way and now it’s difficult to part with it. You also put too much value on % rr on judicator. It ain’t all that…

Make the build from the ground up and include that ring. Whatever holes need to be filled, make the changes to include it. The proc is silly good


You took it for Piercing. :rofl: