[POLL] Which Mastery has the best Exclusive Skills?

Forum rollback aside, we now turn our attention back to the game itself. The question poll for today is “Which Mastery has the best set of exclusive skills?”. We could have put all 13 skills to compete with another but due to poll choice limitation we cant! So instead we just let the masteries battle it out on which one possesses the best set of exclusive skill/s, visual wise or power wise!

And take note occultist may be the unfortunate one here, since it has only one skill, but who cares, who knows maybe all of Solael’s fan boys will turn out to offer their bloody selfs as sacrifice just to make him win!

Let me go first since I know you all are interested in my choice … and my love goes to Divine mandate-OATHKEEPER!

[spoiler]Divine mandate is just like the Word of Lord God Empyrion HIMSELF is honestly the most beautiful aura in the game and dat crit damage and aura animation is just so out of this world. it makes me feel so pure and clean, devoid of any sin and taint of corruption :wink:


So what is your choice friend? Just posted some crappy photos to remind all of us how they may look in game, I am sure you can do better than me in these photos but oh well I hope you all can forgive me! :wink:

1. Soldier

  1. Arcanist

  2. Shaman

  3. Inquisitor

  1. Necromancer

  1. Oathkeeper

  1. Occultist

Meanwhile saboteur family feeling neglected be like:

So vote and comment which particular mastery has the best skill set :cool:

Looks only? Necromancer.
Buff sound? Occultist by a mile. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree with this.

I am still sad that we lost the giant form of possession ! :stuck_out_tongue:

The one they added the most recently…

1st aura of censure , RR aura and dmg reduction
2nd mandate , huge crit slow res
3rd olerons , huge oa movement speed

my list according to their max benefits

btw primal bond and aura of conviction are the worse looking skills. They appear to be hand focused…, they could both use some quality visual upgrades :cool::stuck_out_tongue:

The soldier ones are borderline acceptable but at least they are good in their respective forte

I am currently playing Saboteur and have to go level 50 in both masteries,without exclusive skill.Aura of Censure is my favorite,followed by Divine mandate and Stormcaller pact.I like both Conviction and Path of the tree,so close call between Inquisitor and OK.

i think both the shaman ones need a visual update ._.

Possession is the best because if reminds me where you used to turn into a giant where movement speed also increased due to giantism.

can you remind us why it was removed? and why it was about gigantism in the first place? Solael must love having big toys as sacrifice? Sad that he has to let go off his big boys! They should put back gigantism in the game in some form imo…

The giant makeover is unique, but it is bothersome with poor visibility.

Well that’s easy.

Censure by far. Then it’s debatable. I’d say Harbinger of Souls, Mandate of Heaven (but this one has the whole mastery to back its power up - talking about the oa), Possession.

Why don’t have Nightblade and Demo exclusive skills?

because they are what we call as meme masteries to form part of meme builds! :eek:

when both combined you got one of the worst class combinations of all time!

i blame evil medieera for the design of these classes

Nightblade is hardly ‘‘meme’’ mastery.If you take it with other class you will not mind the lack of exclusive skill.

I jest, but lets admit it, if these masteries had exclusive skills , this would have increased their potentials further and increased compatibility with other masteries

Not necessary.

For Nightblade it could be a very good option to take everything in the last column and have an Exclusive Skill form second mastery.

I voted necro for Harbinger of Souls, as it has saved my life many times, but only after a long battle over Inquisitor–the RR on AoCensure is hard to beat. If I had a third vote, it would go to Oathkeeper for the most interesting exclusive skill that makes you want to try new builds, Path of the Three, and Divine Mandate–2 very good ones.

Now we need a poll for the worst. :stuck_out_tongue:

Power-wise its still Inquisitors Aura of Censure, even after nerf. Reduced enemy damage, big -RR and not completely insignificant damage all on a carefree self-applying basis? YES pls!

Im not sure for visuals, but the points for sound go to Occultist. .)