Population 9.0a

My population maxed out at 1200 and now the birth rate is half the death rate, 6+ months of food always, villagers very happy, plenty of housing, deaths are overwhelmingly old age. Now population down to less than 950.

Looking at age brackets… it’s not a bell curve and the fast growth rate early in game might causes a population crash late game especially after immigration tapers off. This makes the game incredibly frustrating since it’s impossible to maintain the population much less grow it, especially since even 5 villages lost in a raid means that the total population won’t recover by the time the next raid comes along


I’ve noticed that during patch 9.0 before the 9.0a it didn’t seem to be as hard to accumulate population, i have city’s with 1600 people at 75 years. In 9.0a i have city’s with same exact map seed with 1100 people in 100 years. Maybe something was changed. The game seems to become a waiting game. Hopefully devs will fix the issue so we can at least build larger towns until they add more content and features in the future. Thanks for the game.

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Actualy me got the same problem.
1000 citizen not MOAR…

Food for ~12 month, every luxury availabel, 100 houses are free, Max Tier City, every needs nearly by ~100%

No emigration and the birth- and death rate are flatten the same.

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Problem is solved for me.

It was simple and stupid at the same time.

There is a new menu item in the main menu under general. There you can set the population limit.
This one stood at 1000 for me.
So I was able to switch this to unlimited.
Then me loaded the savegame and immediately there were births and immigration…

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