port valbury instant death

I was fighting the final boss of port valbury , i was lev 45 (veteran) with 6500 hp.

I got 20% poison reduction effect(dryad) , but he threw me a poison nova i died on the moment.

Is there another source of damages added to this nova or something i missed?

One of the three stooges actually reduces a ton of your resistances with his acid pool attack and it can be very dangerous because it has a lot of damage types, which I am perplexed myself :rolleyes:

When he casts his reduces stuff , there is nothing on the screen telling we are cursed?

watch out for that broken shield logo on top of your head ! :wink:

A broken shield icon will appear above your character’s head. Like PrinceXavier said, one of them has a nasty acid pool attack that can lower your resists. I suggest drinking a Venomguard potion before fighting them.

I didn’t pay attention i guess .There isn’t a description on the forum with boss and their damages types ?

I know this icon but din’t pay attention .I was litteraly one shot.


you can see things under skills tab after selecting the monster name :wink:

Thank you.

How’s your ather resistance ather resistance is important in port valbury any damage done by ather is reduced by this. As an expert farming of port valbury this is true

I have had a similar experience (though on ultimate)

My blademaster died 3 times (in a row…) about 1 second after I shadowstriked into the fight. Meanwhile my dot-caster (with 4K HP less) doesn’t care at all about whatever those three are doing and I casually step out of that pool just because it looks smarter to do so. Both have overcapped poison and aether res.

Never figured out what that is about. I just go there with my caster. :confused:

Edit: Maybe you will find some tips in my thread about that issue (not that old) ->http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53496

How long did it take you to get to the boss?
I did it today and took me 4 hours. Literally 4 hours. I dont know if there is a shortcut :stuck_out_tongue:
Lvl 40 too

I suspect a sniper hidden in a dead angle and randomly headshooting random unlucky players.

You could also do it for 8 hours with level 20

I shouldn’t have, but I did laugh :slight_smile:

In which mode it took you 4 hours?

You can lure one boss to the stair here and kill him, you don’t have to deal with the poison puddle because they are blocked by the wall

Smart guy ,thanx.

When you post unreadable forum posts claiming knowledge of the game when this is obviously not true, the engine randomly insta-kills you. It’s a nifty little feature.