Portforwarding, some extra guidance needed


I’m trying to do the Portforwarding again (different router, different setup), and as i’m not that gifted with software/hardware stuff, I’ve lost what to enter where.

From the official post by Zantai I read:

When setting up manual port forwarding, the following ports must be forwarded to your servers internal IP address.
42852-42872 (all ports in this range)


Assuming you have made it this far and have discovered where to set up port forwarding on your router. You will typically be asked for what port to forward - in our case it’s 27016, what protocols to forward - in our case we would like to port forward both UDP and TCP, and to what address we want to forward to - this is the IP address of your computer where you will be running Grim Dawn.

However, my router requires me to enter: Local Starting port, Local Ending Port, External Starting Port, External Ending Port (not sure if these are the correct english terms btw). How do I know which numbers I enter where? This isn’t specified in Zantai’s post.

Hopefully someone can help me specifiy these numbers :smiley:

I guess it wants you to specify ranges, so you can set both starting ports to 42800 and ending to 42900. Then set up another forwarding rule in which you fill all 4 fields with 27016.

Thanks! I’ll give it a go and see if this works.

Edit: Doesn’t seem like this works yet.
My Local IP is what is stated on IPv4 in ipconfig right? There’s a few lines already entered by default in the settings of the router and those have a different local adress IP than what the ipconfig cmd says.

For numbers with a range like 42852-42872, the first is your starting port and the second is your end port. For numbers without a range like 27016, you should set these as the starting and ending port.

Where/who are you trying to host a server to? If it’s with someone on the same network as you then you should forward your Local ports, if it’s with someone on a different network e.g. over the Internet then you should forward your External ports.


I’d also recommend doing a google search for port-forwarding your specific router’s make too as while every company or brand follows the same standards, they often do it in different ways with their own nuances.

Thanks, I’ll have a look again. I’m trying to play online across, so external. But sounds like I have set it up accordingly. I’ll dig in a bit

Thanks Evil_baka and Res,

It works now. I had it set up correctly, just needed to fully reinstall GD. Extracting GD for modding seems to break its ability to connect properly through GoG.

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