Possible to build a complete tanker class with passive killing skill?

A complete tank with some skill that purposely let yourself hit by monster to activate in order to kill.

Something like a tanker class with “Radiant / Blackmail /Toxic skin, etc” from Dota.

Look for reflect and retaliation on gear.

How about the class to play? One is definitely Soldier, the other one?

Would be great if someone have the same mind as mine and make a guide for it =P

I’m using a witchblade build for mine. Mostly passive but you do have a few damaging skills to deal with ranged enemies since retaliation doesn’t work against them.

Heres the build I use with the devotions as well.

I would reccomend soldier first and second class either shaman, demo or occultist.

The dawnbreaker set gives ALOT of lightning retaliation, if you mix that with counterstrike and some skills given from gear you could stand still and kill most things.

My commando has a lot of fire damage skills from gear and when I walk past most enemies they blow up.

You should definitely check this thread


(Can’t put the direct link since it’s my first post on this forum and it’s only allowed after 3 posts)

I’m currently using this build on HC (lvl 62 so far, 15k hp) and I’m loving it. Don’t forget to have damage reflect as well as retaliation, otherwise ranged enemies will be a pain.

Nice, is it elite/ult viable?

Welcome aboard.

Currently playing this build

currently level 43 and its amazing, though i found it a little slow up to level 35.

Edit: I see Decoy posted this first and i agree with the comment about reflect.