Possible to expand / change the main campaign?

Hi there,

I love Grim Dawn so much that I thought about giving modding a try. My main question would be if it is possible to edit the main game, i.e. change terrain of the campaign, add new areas to campaign, add new rifts, new quests etc. that all can be accessed from the main game.

I ask this because I’ve seen most mods are just seperate maps loaded in a custom game, which I find much less interesting. Look at Skyrim modding for example, all mods are integrated seamlessly into the main game, expanding the content by a ton!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes it possible but it’s not simple at all. You’d have to convert the map assets into a workable file type and cross your fingers the editor doesn’t crash when you try to load it up. Then when youve actually made your map changes and you’re done, you’ll have to distribute your mod which will have to contain the entirety of the gd map in addition to whatever you add. I believe the minimum size for such a mod would be over 1 gig. Then you’ll also have the issue of potentially distributing AoM map files to players who don’t own the expansion, which will cause those players issues due to missing content among other problems.

That is very unfortunate… Is it at least possible for people to use their existing characters in the mod map?

And when there are riftgates in my mod… How do people use them, considering I have no texture for the global map window of my mod world?