Possible to inject a .dbr file into a .arz file?

So to give alil info, been toying around with the latest Diablo 3 classes mod and everytime I try and implement any of my changes (i.e items, stat edits, etc) it builds successfully with no errors, but upon logging back in I notice a good portion of skill bitmaps both in the Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor skill trees won’t display, and just show a checkerboard. The stats, name and everything else show up but the bitmap is gone. Upon looking deeper, I notice that some of the .the files are missing.

Note: If I run the mod without editing anything in assets manager, all the bitmaps show up fine. Obviously it would seem that some of the source files are missing. This has been an issue back when I was toying with said mod prior to FG release and ironically it’s the exact same bitmaps.

My main question is, without messing with any of the other files, is it possible to inject any .dbr files? (I.e items, stat changes, etc)

Just use the standard .arc files instead of the ones you generated, if you only changed some .dbr values.