POSSIBLY SPOILER : Question about an NPC

I just noticed an NPC in the Malmouth Sewers shown on the Grimtools map - his name is Markiv. But I don’t see him in the game. Couldn’t find any info on him on wiki either. Who is he? Does he give a quest?

Can’t say I’ve spotted him going through there. No quest in any case.

I think it’s the guy who stands by the Steelcap district pipe when you first show up and tells you to go to the Candle district instead. He might move to the resistance base aboveground once you clear it.

I’m going to resurrect this ‘aging’ thread because it’s been something that pops into my head every time I come in through the sewers.

I recall when I first started playing Grim Dawn back around Nov 2018, Markiv greeted me at the entrance (roughly) to the sewers of Malmouth (at the place he’s marked in Grim Tools.) If I’m not mistaken he’s also gave you the quest to kill Galakros. What’s been bugging me is that I have not seen him there in a long, long, long time. Ever. He’s also not in the Sewer hideout area when you first arrive and talk to Ulgrim and the Captain who give you the quests to open the gate and destroy the aetherial wagons.

I scoured the forum couldn’t find any answer other than this. Also don’t see it anywhere in patch notes. Did the devs just retcon him out of the game? What happened to him?

Enquiring minds want to know. Okay ONE enquiring mind wants to know.

EDIT: Once you get out into the Steelcap District stronghold he’s there by the southwestern gate. But why does he not appear in the Malmouth sewers anymore to give you that side quest?

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Just made it to the sewers on my latest playthrough and I don’t see this guy even though grimtools says there’s supposed to be a npc here.

Yeah I wonder about this one too, aince the first time I play GD (it was the time when FG barely announced) I never meet him in the sewer entrance, I once try to make a cheat character so I can bypass the barrier and going straight to the sewer without the find malmouth quest, and he too not in there.