Post 3 of 9 MAPS

Post #3 of 9 MAPs

I have a series of suggestions that are towards a goal to improve the story and longevity of the end game, and enhance replayability. Maps are key.

These map suggestions would “impose” an adjustment on top of a random seed map. (or form of)

For simplicity let’s say large rivers run “east-west”. Where a river is imposed upon a seed map, it meanders gently and imposes a minimum 6 to 12 squares of buildable area on each side, creating cliffs where is abuts mountains, and joining/merging with any lakes (adjusting their heights to match the river).

River maps would also have the building “river dock” for traveling merchants. (they still trade at the trading post) And the buildings wood bridge and stone bridge would be required. Some land traveling merchants would not be available until a bridge was built. But, some jealous neighboring Lords would not have access to attack either.

  1. River Island – a river runs across the middle of the map and splits forming an island with enough space for a tier 1and 2 town. Think of medieval Paris.
  2. Dividing River – a wider river cuts the map into 2/5ths vs 3/5ths, with the player seeing only the edge of the river from the smaller side at the starting area. Think of Florence.
  3. Commanding View at River’s Bend – similar to dividing river, but with a bend in the river around a hill, ideal for a castle city. Cochem on the Mosel River or countless other locations.
  4. River Mouth – The player’s start area is on the left side of the map, where the left edge is ocean shore line, and a wider river runs across the middle of the map to the ocean. On this map the trader boats could come from north and south along the shore or east with the river. (At least one land merchant would occur also). Maybe Porto Portugal, and many others.
  5. River Delta – Similar to River Mouth, but broken up with many little islands and narrow rivers between. Ideally, there would be a “dig canal” and “river bulkhead” functions added to the game, as well as “small foot bridge”, and “ferry”. Bulk land would be triangles to the north-east and south-east sides of the map, where the little rivers joined to be come one river headed east. Think of Venice!
  6. Cliff Shores – An ocean side cliff of rolling mounding hills with a small break for a shoreline cove with a bit of land and beach. Only one or two paths lead down. Just look up images for Positano, Italy. Maybe there is a ring of difficult edge of map terrain making it difficult for both raiders and Lords alike to attack the village?
  7. High Valley – The river is near the southern most edge of the map, with narrow buildable zones along it. At the mid point the land has one or two sloped paths up the steep cliffs. At the top is a gently sloping beautiful valley, with mountains to the east and west protecting it. Only one high pass at the north and the river below connects this valley to the rest of the world for trading or raiding. Depending upon the biome, this could be an upper Swiss valley, or maybe Umbria, Italy.

Yeah, my over arching imagery is European, especially Italian in nature. The Icon of the churches are very significant in any of the towns and central to them. That being said, the developer can always further reinterpret this furthering the direction already taken with the shrine, which becomes building, which becomes iconic central building along with the government and entertainment buildings. The harder part is reinventing the architecture to be significant and important to the people and not look too specific. A risk of avoiding it could have other humanist implications as well, intended or not. A huge content stretch would be a options selection for any given game to a setting flavor - Germanic, Italian, French sharing similar traits maybe, but something with a Constantinople bent or somewhere Asian bent might be radically different flavors. My goal is prod for “more” and to go a bit farther, with the end result being a bit farther architecturally and hopefully more unique combinations as well, purely for the joy of making the creations.

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